Cyber coffe with a Dear Friend

As I sit an share my morning coffe with a dear friend I am reminded about how life is so full of surprises; some good and others that stop you in your trakes and make you think about life and where you are headed.

 So as we cyber through our coffee I feel suddenly transposed to a kitchen I have never seen before; or maybe I have. The comfort of the smile across the table and a familiar old cup.

As we talk about the blessings in our lives each of us never having met before; she tells me of the healing she has recieved from the cyber group where we met.  My heart beams; not from ego, but of pride.   That someone that I have never met before can be healed just by the words on a screen from people that have never seen each others faces…

As a long time healer I know all about cyber and distant healing… but what is different is that as I think about the books and words on pages that we all read to heal; the Secret touching thousands of lives.  I realize that the words my friend is saying to me is not about the power of words… but the power of friendship; and believing in those women sitting on the other side of the screen in some other part of the world; and the love that is felt. 

 Family; we are a family! I think about that word, what does it mean; to me? I, myself have not conversed with my family in over a year… and certainly never like what I share in chat… so what is family I ask myelf….

Family is people (near or far) that care about one another and support them; there hopes and dreams no matter how silly or far fetched they may seem to us… we believe in one another and encourage them.  We cheer them on and we BELIEVE in them and teach them how to believe in themselves… ‘

WOW’ I think to myself ~ so this is what it feels like to be apart of a family…. so this is what it is like to be loved and to love unconditionally with no expectations and no one expecting… so this is what it is like to be yourself and still be loved..

Well today; as my friend told me about her greatest healings ~ I suddenly realized that these women; friends ~ Are My greatest healing…..



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