A Gathering…

Women everywhere gather at spring-fed wells of Spirit to share their hearts and join hands as they move toward more completely expressing their boundless love, magnificent wisdom, and compassionate intuition. To these limitless wells, each of us carries their own container. Each of us fills their own jar. And, each of us is also called to walk with her sister and brothers along the way providing support, guidance, encouragement, inspiration and love.

The best we have to give is ourselves. Each time we gather in a sisterly circle that calls forth our best, a new pattern is stitched into the fabric of the Spirit-quilt that we are fashioning together, and we are warmed and protected in its folds. Our group has met together for a year and a half now and is committed to to helping and supporting one another. Collectively & individually we help each other and I am proud to know you all.

We have here, a circle of women with whom I  cherish! I share my hopes & my dreams with you all and you are kind to me, and you recognize my uniqueness. This is  a safe place where our spirits are ennobled and we each can see ourselves reflected in the eyes of love and acceptance. It does not matter whether our circle is small or large. The important thing is that we are lovingly valued no matter how we feel or what we do, and also that we feel gently challenged to grow our soul.

A woman’s Journey is an ennobling and comforting circle  is as near as your wise imagination. Close your eyes and allow yourself to effortlessly drift into a relaxed state. Visualize yourself surrounded by others who care deeply for you. Sink into their collective arms and accept the love and appreciation they offer. When you’re ready, allow love to flow from you to them until you are an integral part of the circle, giving and receiving equally.

Say these words daily, to assist you in gathering our Spirit:

I surround myself with people who care for me.
I am safe in a circle of loving friends.

Thank you…..
May your holidays and new year be blessed,


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