Angel of Forgiveness

‘As darkness descends upon the day, all your thoughts become one. Look deep within the light of your soul for there lies a comfortable familiarity there, one you have not nown for a long time.  Feel this essence within you, look deeper into the light.  You will find Love resides there.  It is through this love that there appears a greater sense of your own self.  This my dear one is where you will find forgiveness.  the greatest force of forgiveness comes only from your own heart and your own love. 
My children you must first forgive yourself before you can truly forgive that of another.  It is not what another has done to you but what you have done to yourself  Through the grace of God you have been given ‘free will’ which allows that which you feel and think to be that of your own volition.  Your own condemnation and your own blame.  Let go of all that surrounds you; you shall be free. 
You must find forgiveness in the centre of your soul and release the blame of others and take ownership of all that belongs to you.  Your oneness with creator. When you feel within your hear forgiveness  you will feel freedom of your soul.  Freedom to live; freedom to love; freedom to laugh.  The darkness that lies within the dark shall be freed in the face of forgiveness.
What; you may ask, does freedom look like.  To each soul that is unique and that is unlike that of those before you and the souls that will come after you. you will understand when the truth is beared with in your heart.  There is no judgement; only your own.  There is no prejudice; only your own.  There is no anger; only your own.  There is no fear; only your own.  The only retribution is your own.  it all begins with Love.  With love there is nothing else.
Open your heart to your own judgements; forgiveness is beheld within the soul. As so shall all sins be released for God and the Angels already forgive you.  There is no judgement in his eyes for you are a perfect creation.  And we his Angels are an extension of him.  We wonders why you hold so dearly to these judgements, fear and anger for we purely devout unto you.
You are love
AA Bathial
Angel of Forgivess