Virginia Beach ~ jan/08

Edgar Cayce ~ my Spiritual journey~

DAY ONE; the Beach.

The day began as it had ended, with the peaceful sound of the waves lapping upon the shore of the beach and the smell of salt water in the air. I rose to see the sun coming up upon the crest of the vast ocean, Coffee soon found, we ventured to walk along the shore. Quickly my shoes and socks were off with no regard to the temperature… I had to feel the sand beneath my feet and the sun in my hair, and the Ocean breeze upon my face. As I walked along the beach I asked the beach for something that I could take home with me as a souvenir of my stay and as I looked down I saw what appeared to be a small copper disc with the picture of a tree. The tree of life perhaps? It was a quarter; and a sure sign of life to begin once again for me.

We walked along the shore; cameras in hand , looking for seashells and other wondrous finds. I decided that I needed to put my feet in the ocean… water; my element. I walked along the shore feeling serenity and if I paused for a brief moment the sand quickly gathered me up, In parts along the shore there are small dunes and I walked along them tempting the fates of the waves to gently kiss my feet. This was a dance between the feisty waters and me… gentle play.

Further along the beach I spotted some small species of birds, some with two feet but may of them with only one. Interesting. Tiny but also playing with the waters edge. As the waves rolled in they ran/hopped to avoid getting wet. Then they hopped back to the edge and the wave rolled in and the dance began again. Sandpipers I believe they are called. I watched the dance they played and marvelled at them.

Soon it was time to head back to the Hotel and get ready for the day.

DAY TWO; the Meditation Garden.

A simple garden just to the left of the institution hidden away from the rest of the world but in plain site should you choose to see it. As I walked across the threshold of this marvellous place, I paused at the beauty of this sanctuary. Frozen in time. There appeared to be a waterfall that in January was turned off; but I could still hear the song of the waters as if a phantom in my ears. I sat on the bench an felt the presence of an Angel as she sat next to me. “Isn’t this garden beautiful she said; my paradise” . I nodded in agreement; not turning my head. Lost in the moment. “I am so glad you came to see it’ she continued, “I have been waiting for you”. “Waiting for me? “ I said, “But why”. “why not dear child” there is only one thing absent from your life; and the is what you are feeling here. And as I looked into the garden; she placed her hand on my heart. “Can you feel it now?” Frozen in the blessings of her love; I nodded. And that is when they appeared to me… small little imps dancing beneath the tree. Now not being a gardener, I could not tell you what king of tree it was. They were dancing in a ring around its trunk. That is when my name was called to join the group for our first class.

Later that evening; as I close my eyes to the music of the ocean as it sings me to sleep I think about this magikal place and the events of the day; wondering what magick will be presented to me tomorrow as I think about the majick of the fae.

DAY THREE; dance with the water..

As dawn approaches I open my eyes to the sounds of the waves crashing along the sand below. Calmness came over me once more. A feeling that has not left me since the Garden. Silently, I rise so as not to waken my room mates, I dress quickly, the ocean is calling me this morning.

Once on the sand, I remove my shoes and put them to the side. The sand is cold beneath my feet this morning. The sun gently caresses the water as she begins to rise. I stand on the beach; water gently kissing my feet as the sun in all her glory begins to show her face to me.

I hear the call of the water Nymphs as they sing to me. I begin to walk along the shore as though I am walking with an old friend. Gently the sand and the water caress my feet, gently kissing them and I hear the water say to me : “Welcome, I am so glad you heard our call” The magic of the ocean captures my attention for I am a child of the element. “You have been granted all the magic of the waters bliss; now is time for you to understand our power. And the power within you. You are a child of us. Water is the healing gentle caress of your soul. Water is wihin you….

I walk slowly listening to the song the ocean sings to me; and only me. I wonder, am I the only one who hears her? The water teases my feet as it gently comes in, kisses me, tickles my feet, barely touching, but just enough to say, ‘ I am here, feel my power” and then it races back to sea. Playing its  magikal game with me.

The golden hue of the sky turns to honey as I look up and realize how far I have gone. Time to turn around. My tummy rumbles, a sure sign that it is time to nourish the physical. Time doesn’t seem to exist here on this place; for I have been taken away to far off places and yet little or no physical time passes.

DAY Four; song of the Dolphin:

This morning as I sit in the hotel restaurant looking out to the ocean and see where the Earth, the Water and the Sky and kissed by the fire of the sun, all join together and I feel I am at one, peace, this is peace. Peace with in my very soul. This; the last day. And I have come to find what I was called her for. Peace. Tranquility, and inner Love. And confirmation of the existance of my life. I smile; and warmth fills my heart as a school of Dolphins swimming near the shore line in front of me; as if to say good-bye, Or is it hello. I have found it, and life will never be the same.

One more stop before we leave this magical place to find the trails that will lead us to the healing sand with the gold and rhodium in it. It is a long 5 mile walk. The trails are beautiful. Waters to the side calm and steady. A river leading to the ocean where it will swell and come back again. Here it is… I remove my shoes, roll up my pants and sink my feet into the sand… wonderful. First kissed by the ocean and now they are wrapped in a blanket of this wonderful sand. After what feels like an hour we begin to fill our bags with this sand to take home. So that the experience may live with us forever. We find our way back to the car to see that it is not noon yet. Strange. This place where time does not exist perhaps? As I get into the car I think about the 15 hour drive home and savour each moment that I share with the elements to bring me back to the reality of who I really am. I kissed the elements and we danced the silent dance to the song of the Fae.

As the car begins to enter into the tunnel under the water to leave Virginia beach; the atmosphere changes; but I stay the same. Changed yes; but really not the same as I went in. For I have touched the magick of another world. And it has made me its own.


An Angel by my Side

“As I look out into the snow covered ground I feel mother Earth, she sleeps…breathing, slowly. waiting for when she will awaken. Jus then my Angel, Serena came & sat down next to me… ‘listen’ she said… ‘your heart beats in rhythmm with the earth’… did you notice.’Feel’ she said;l’ her energy as she sleeps embrace your soul. Share your love with all who will listen. I will be at your side, with the love of all the Angels & we embrace you with the glow of pink love & pink light feel it right there’ she said as a Glow came from my heart. Then she continued ‘You have naught to fear for all of pure love & light surrounds you & you will sing the choirsus of all Angels. Your purpose. Your Light.

Share this love & llight of our words. Do not fret little one… she wrapped her wing around me & held me close, and held me dear.

At that moment my heart opened wide and my eyes filled with light. Love Encompasses me.. I want to share that with you”