An Angel by my Side

“As I look out into the snow covered ground I feel mother Earth, she sleeps…breathing, slowly. waiting for when she will awaken. Jus then my Angel, Serena came & sat down next to me… ‘listen’ she said… ‘your heart beats in rhythmm with the earth’… did you notice.’Feel’ she said;l’ her energy as she sleeps embrace your soul. Share your love with all who will listen. I will be at your side, with the love of all the Angels & we embrace you with the glow of pink love & pink light feel it right there’ she said as a Glow came from my heart. Then she continued ‘You have naught to fear for all of pure love & light surrounds you & you will sing the choirsus of all Angels. Your purpose. Your Light.

Share this love & llight of our words. Do not fret little one… she wrapped her wing around me & held me close, and held me dear.

At that moment my heart opened wide and my eyes filled with light. Love Encompasses me.. I want to share that with you”



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