In My Garden~

I sit silently on the white bench in my garden, it has taken a beating from the harshness that the winter brought us this year. It is early morning and the sun has not crested the house yet. The birds sing their morning praises to me and suddenly; a house finch has perched upon the fence; dressed in grey with a red head, breast and back. He seems to be looking over the garden as well and chirps at me. As if to say; “not yet”. I get up from the bench and go to the garden bed, crouch down and place my hand upon its soil. Still cold.

 Standing in the garden; pondering over the bareness that the winter has brought her. I reach down to touch my Rosemary plant… standing tall and stiff. Looking at her; is she dead, or is she hibernating. I don’t know (this is my first garden). I reach out to touch her; break her branch to cut her down with my bare hands. A strong smell of rosemary fills my nostrils with her fresh scent… she is very much still alive. Her essence very much alive. Looking still at the remnants of last years garden I see that the winter has taken its toll on some of the garden yet not others. Some plants appear to be very much alive, sturdy and strong. And others to be pulled out and started anew.

 I venture over to the other side of the yard. Where falls overgrown bouquets are no more. Many of her plants are ready to be pulled up and replanted; new flowers await the rays of the golden sun. Hmmm, what to plant this year. So many pretty flowers to think about and I want to experience them all, but such a small garden does not render the space,

 Reaching to the back, to where I had carefully in the fall placed a container over my favourite plant; my Lilac tree. I was leery in the fall as to her survival this winter for she survived the trip from Virginia; but would she survive the bitter cold of a Canadian winter? I hold my breath as I carefully I removed the plastic container… and there she was. Beautiful and new… small buds on her one and only limb. “Thank you!” I whisper the little fae. Thank you for protecting her; may she grow to be strong and fragrant!

 Stepping back to sit once again on the white bench. Visioning in my mind the beauty of my little escape, and feeling the joy within my heart to be able to recreate them into something new and vibrant. Ahhh; Life. Its joy so vibrant in many ways. I look up at the fence post to see my little friend perched once again upon the fence. Reaffirming life and Mother Earth and her many gift to the Joy of life! How can it ever be taken for granted!?

 Blessings to All!



5 thoughts on “In My Garden~

  1. Love the blog! The reading was truth in all its beauty and glory, you captured a moment in time to cherish forever!!

    In love and light- Joey Jan

  2. Hopefully this week will be warmer and more inviting to the plants! Still the leaves have not popped, spring is late after such a long winter. Perhaps a little caffeine compost is in order (just kidding – actually people have used coffee grounds as wonderful mulch, but its a stimulant).

    Blessings to you and your garden & Happy New-Moonish Tuesday!


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