Monday Morning Angel {Oct 20/08}

 “Good Day my dear ones; there is a divine shift of consciousness happening all around you and at this time you are being ask to raise your vibrations so that you may receive and so that you may give. We are asking that you become more in tune and aware of your higher vibrations, your higher self, your higher source of power so that you may sustain the energy on your planet at this time, and in the times to come. Many sources and tools are being channelled toward you now to help you with this. You must learn to trust in the divine, and trust in your; your higher source. For it is all that is. Is it the perfect source of you. Your guides are stronger as you are more prepared now than ever to receive. You may feel challenged during these next months, you may feel frustrated, you will get through if you remember to go within and touch source that is you. These obstacles are being placed upon your path not for you to rid yourself of them but so that you may correct that which lies within your journey to allow your inner being-ness to comply with the adversities that are all around you at this time. Many are affected by the same sources. This collective consciousness prepares many; look to that which is your role in the group and as an individual. This is a time of coming together in complete wholeness within and as a separate unity. For you are one, only one; one light, one beam, one consciousness. When you come together with others each light produces a higher vibration of will. Alone you are complete; just one. Only you. That is your journey. 
~ Blessed Be ~ AA Metatron

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Fall in the Garden

Today I sit in the coolness of the Autumn weather; the moon still out in the sky, full and round, her light shining brightly down upon me… As I inhale the crispness of life into my lungs, I feel refreshed; anew.  I take a sip of the hot coffee in my mug, warm and flavourful.

My thoughts focus on all of those who have asked for love and guidance, and I call to all the Angels to shed their light upon them until they are ready to recieve. Sending love, and healing to all those in need. All those worn by the year that has quickly passed before us.  Some will light, some will fade.

The garden herself looks tired and worn from the dryness of the summer.  I smell the faint scent of the lavender & rosmary as it still lingers. I am reminded of the shortness of life, and how we all run our cycles, each day, each month, each year.  I am reminded to go within and become one with the pureness of the soul.  The essence of who I really am.  Suddenly, nothing else matters.

The fae have come to ‘pop’ their heads from among the thyme, there songs is happy and light.  Life is short, I ponder; what am I doing with mine.  Am I truly reaching my fullest potentail of all that is, and all that should be?  So much still I want to do, to say. Many yet to hear. And yet at this moment, frustrated, it is all that I have; frustrated from the restrictions of real time, real expectations; yet reminded there is still time.  And so much to do.

I feel a hand upon my shoulder, look up and there, in all her glory, a light.  Shining so brightly, so purely… and I know this is for me.  Once again I am assured of time and space, brought back into the garden in all its glory of fall colours,  beauty.  I smile, and I know its time to begin the day.

Thankyou for visiting with me in my garden…  Angelyn

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In my Garden~

I sit silently on the white bench in my garden, it has taken a beating from the harshness that the winter brought us this year. It is early morning and the sun has not crested the house yet. The birds sing their morning praises to me and suddenly; a house finch has perched upon the fence; dressed in grey with a red head, breast and back. He seems to be looking over the garden as well and chirps at me. As if to say; “not yet”. I get up from the bench and go to the garden bed, crouch down and place my hand upon its soil. Still cold.


Standing in the garden; pondering over the bareness that the winter has brought her. I reach down to touch my Rosemary plant… standing tall and stiff. Looking at her; is she dead, or is she hibernating. I don’t know (this is my first garden). I reach out to touch her; break her branch to cut her down with my bare hands. A strong smell of rosemary fills my nostrils with her fresh scent… she is very much still alive. Her essence very much alive. Looking still at the remnants of last years garden I see that the winter has taken its toll on some of the garden yet not others. Some plants appear to be very much alive, sturdy and strong. And others to be pulled out and started anew.


I venture over to the other side of the yard. Where falls overgrown bouquets are no more. Many of her plants are ready to be pulled up and replanted; new flowers await the rays of the golden sun. Hmmm, what to plant this year. So many pretty flowers to think about and I want to experience them all, but such a small garden does not render the space,


Reaching to the back, to where I had carefully in the fall placed a container over my favourite plant; my Lilac tree. I was leery in the fall as to her survival this winter for she survived the trip from Virginia; but would she survive the bitter cold of a Canadian winter? I hold my breath as I carefully I removed the plastic container… and there she was. Beautiful and new… small buds on her one and only limb. “Thank you!” I whisper the little fae. Thank you for protecting her; may she grow to be strong and fragrant!


Stepping back to sit once again on the white bench. Visioning in my mind the beauty of my little escape, and feeling the joy within my heart to be able to recreate them into something new and vibrant. Ahhh; Life. Its joy so vibrant in many ways. I look up at the fence post to see my little friend perched once again upon the fence. Reaffirming life and Mother Earth and her many gift to the Joy of life! How can it ever be taken for granted!?


Blessings to All!

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Message from AA Michael ~ Oct.14, 2008

“Good morning my children; There is great fear and panic on your planet embarking great fear within each of you. this is a  time for each of you to be reminded of your sense of self.  This energy has been building on your planet and should come as no surprise; but what you are forgetting is each other. For the true purpose for each of you is  to be the strength that is within you. Now is the time to come together in unity. To look to all the beauty that surrounds you.  Feel the love that exists.  Change is constant in your world but the love neve goes away.  It grows and flourishes in your heart.  It is the love that is going to get you through these difficult times.  Honour and cherish those around you.  Unity of mankind is survival. Love within you is peace.  Spread joy to an otherwise harsh reality of life, and it will comeback to you; three fold. 
Abundance grows from within; there is plenty for all.  You never have to feel without. In mayn ways your life is abundantly full already.  Peace within the world comes first from reaching your full potential. For it is then that you will be fully capeable to help those around you.  Everything in the cycle of life must end for new to grow and bring to those whow see abundant blessings.  There is enough for all of you to fulfill that which you have promised the creator.  Set your priorities of the life in which you live. Within in you are all the tools neede to be.
Much energy on your planet is being misdirected, look around you.  What are you grateful for. For it will be all of these things that you wil reflect upon to allow for growth.  Look to what you have, not to what was, or what is yet to come.  You have free will; be incontrol and use your resources withing you ~ Blessings AA Michael ~

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yn Hunter




Monday Message ~Oct 13/08

Good morning dear ones;
Today is the day to look at all that surrounds you. At that which is important and gives meaning to your life. Beyond that which is in your personal space within. All that matters in your life. Those around you that bring you great peace and joy. All that you are, all that you become; is all there is. Together your beingness makes a difference; together you can become one. Know that if you are worried about those who are bringing great discord to your world, then you have something. A house; A family; friends. Warmth and Food. There is a great abundance of Love and Joy, and although you make not see it these are going to be what gets you through these times. It is now that you must ban together to enjoy one another. You have become attached to many materialistic things on your planet that you have become dependant on and forgotten that which is not important. Your lives will always be abundant; you will always have that which you need; just ask.

Brightest Blessings,






AA Michael


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