Monday Message ~Oct 13/08

Good morning dear ones;
Today is the day to look at all that surrounds you. At that which is important and gives meaning to your life. Beyond that which is in your personal space within. All that matters in your life. Those around you that bring you great peace and joy. All that you are, all that you become; is all there is. Together your beingness makes a difference; together you can become one. Know that if you are worried about those who are bringing great discord to your world, then you have something. A house; A family; friends. Warmth and Food. There is a great abundance of Love and Joy, and although you make not see it these are going to be what gets you through these times. It is now that you must ban together to enjoy one another. You have become attached to many materialistic things on your planet that you have become dependant on and forgotten that which is not important. Your lives will always be abundant; you will always have that which you need; just ask.

Brightest Blessings,






AA Michael


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Without written consent of Angelyn Hunter


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