Message from AA Michael ~ Oct.14, 2008

“Good morning my children; There is great fear and panic on your planet embarking great fear within each of you. this is a  time for each of you to be reminded of your sense of self.  This energy has been building on your planet and should come as no surprise; but what you are forgetting is each other. For the true purpose for each of you is  to be the strength that is within you. Now is the time to come together in unity. To look to all the beauty that surrounds you.  Feel the love that exists.  Change is constant in your world but the love neve goes away.  It grows and flourishes in your heart.  It is the love that is going to get you through these difficult times.  Honour and cherish those around you.  Unity of mankind is survival. Love within you is peace.  Spread joy to an otherwise harsh reality of life, and it will comeback to you; three fold. 
Abundance grows from within; there is plenty for all.  You never have to feel without. In mayn ways your life is abundantly full already.  Peace within the world comes first from reaching your full potential. For it is then that you will be fully capeable to help those around you.  Everything in the cycle of life must end for new to grow and bring to those whow see abundant blessings.  There is enough for all of you to fulfill that which you have promised the creator.  Set your priorities of the life in which you live. Within in you are all the tools neede to be.
Much energy on your planet is being misdirected, look around you.  What are you grateful for. For it will be all of these things that you wil reflect upon to allow for growth.  Look to what you have, not to what was, or what is yet to come.  You have free will; be incontrol and use your resources withing you ~ Blessings AA Michael ~

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yn Hunter




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