Fall in the Garden

Today I sit in the coolness of the Autumn weather; the moon still out in the sky, full and round, her light shining brightly down upon me… As I inhale the crispness of life into my lungs, I feel refreshed; anew.  I take a sip of the hot coffee in my mug, warm and flavourful.

My thoughts focus on all of those who have asked for love and guidance, and I call to all the Angels to shed their light upon them until they are ready to recieve. Sending love, and healing to all those in need. All those worn by the year that has quickly passed before us.  Some will light, some will fade.

The garden herself looks tired and worn from the dryness of the summer.  I smell the faint scent of the lavender & rosmary as it still lingers. I am reminded of the shortness of life, and how we all run our cycles, each day, each month, each year.  I am reminded to go within and become one with the pureness of the soul.  The essence of who I really am.  Suddenly, nothing else matters.

The fae have come to ‘pop’ their heads from among the thyme, there songs is happy and light.  Life is short, I ponder; what am I doing with mine.  Am I truly reaching my fullest potentail of all that is, and all that should be?  So much still I want to do, to say. Many yet to hear. And yet at this moment, frustrated, it is all that I have; frustrated from the restrictions of real time, real expectations; yet reminded there is still time.  And so much to do.

I feel a hand upon my shoulder, look up and there, in all her glory, a light.  Shining so brightly, so purely… and I know this is for me.  Once again I am assured of time and space, brought back into the garden in all its glory of fall colours,  beauty.  I smile, and I know its time to begin the day.

Thankyou for visiting with me in my garden…  Angelyn

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One thought on “Fall in the Garden

  1. Angelyn, these blogs of yours are so beautiful. May you be very successful in sharing these beautiful words with us.. and me. I enjoyed it completely, as I sit and look out of the window, dark, gloomy, raining,but have lit my tiny lanterns and outdoor candles, outside in my drive way, to shed some light, in the mid October evening. I will cuddle up on my couch and enjoy some warm toddy of a kind with the smell of vanilla and cinnamon, drouse, dream, have a hot spa bath, with my lit candles, and dream sweetly.
    Enjoy your evening, too, when you get there: Huggzz/Emma

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