Monday Morning Angel {Oct 20/08}

 “Good Day my dear ones; there is a divine shift of consciousness happening all around you and at this time you are being ask to raise your vibrations so that you may receive and so that you may give. We are asking that you become more in tune and aware of your higher vibrations, your higher self, your higher source of power so that you may sustain the energy on your planet at this time, and in the times to come. Many sources and tools are being channelled toward you now to help you with this. You must learn to trust in the divine, and trust in your; your higher source. For it is all that is. Is it the perfect source of you. Your guides are stronger as you are more prepared now than ever to receive. You may feel challenged during these next months, you may feel frustrated, you will get through if you remember to go within and touch source that is you. These obstacles are being placed upon your path not for you to rid yourself of them but so that you may correct that which lies within your journey to allow your inner being-ness to comply with the adversities that are all around you at this time. Many are affected by the same sources. This collective consciousness prepares many; look to that which is your role in the group and as an individual. This is a time of coming together in complete wholeness within and as a separate unity. For you are one, only one; one light, one beam, one consciousness. When you come together with others each light produces a higher vibration of will. Alone you are complete; just one. Only you. That is your journey. 
~ Blessed Be ~ AA Metatron

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