Monday Message ~ Nov. o3/o8

“Good Morning Dear Ones; You are of divine creation. You are perfect in every way. Many are sensitive right now to that which is around them; people, places, things that are happening on your planet, environmentally. Laws that are governed and wars being fought. Each of you breathes in your surroundings as a complete expression of your soul. Life is precious, your life. Honour thyself and be true to that which you truly are. Be an expression of self. Be love to you so that you may express love to those around you. Be Joy, be hope be at one with that place within you that forgives and does not criticizes. That part of you that helps those around you to be the best they can be. Do not get caught up in the great adversity that surrounds you. Be the peace in your heart and the joy in your soul. Live life one moment in time. Expressing love at the deepest level of self; you will feel change. Peace. ~ AA Radzekiel

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