Monday Morning Angel

 Dear Ones, in these times and in this lifetime, there is much confusion and chaos. All of this lies upon the shoulder of the ego. Many are self absorbed and conflicting. I share this with you for you to understand that many have judgements and self absorbed judgements of what is and what is to be, without knowledge or understanding of life as what is really is to be. It is far greater for one to gain than to accuse. Learn that, to believe that which you know is not all there is. Life is full of different opinions and understandings, and this is why each of you is to teach another. Each of you is to learn from another. Each of you is to be humble and teach those who may not know or understand. And greater times will prevail. Each of you is value the offering of an opinion, and know that it is not made with knowledge but through personal experience. One must humble oneself to understand when one is basing their opinion through life experience and not through knowledge. Life is an illusion to ones experiences, and there is always more to the experience than that which has happened. Each of you will experience the same thing differently. Each, that which pertains solely to you, and another’s experience will have create different meaning, a different understanding. When faced with life’s adversity, it is within you to learn by asking questions, to expand the knowledge and not to expect that all is as it should be. My blessed children of the Earth, learn from one another and be humble enough to know that all is as it should be and not what is always appears to be! ~ Bless You in love & light ~ AA Raziel




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