Mondays Blessing ~

Dear Ones; there is much that you can learn from the innocence of children, how they , how they play and their unbridled capacity to share. Never questioning. These innocent beings, never judge, or assume. They are trustworthy and fair, until it is taught to them to do and to be otherwise. Look within you at this inner child, and the innocence of you. This child is still there, still caring and deserving to be loved. Release your prejudices to the powers of the Universe and set yourself free from undeserving angers and resentments towards others. Find this quality in all those that surround you and know that they are innocent children who have become products of their environments. They need love just as you, and to love, just as you. The need to love another is just a strong as the need to be loved. Release the anger, that is undeserving of you. Be true to ‘you’, and all your dreams lie within. ~ May you always be the child within ~ AA Radzekiel ~

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