Message from AA Michael ~ 12/12/08

etherean_light1Dear Ones, today there is a great shift of love happening on your planet at this time.  You will be able now to access the sacred knowledge within the earth’s blueprint.  As she is now being restored to all her glory, although this may take much time,but let us focus on the now.  In this now, you will have the opportunity to release any limiting patterns and structures that no longer serve you in this lifetime.  Now is the time to embrace all that you really are;  see all that is love within you.   This is the day to surround yourself in the ultimate ‘blue light’.  Embrace this light to surround you, enlighten you, lift you. Raise your vibration to new light and to all encompassing love.  You will be able to contribute to the earth with your spiritual enlightenment as you are a part of the grand scheme, for you are an integral part of the planet and your energy upon this planet is crucial at this time. This is the time of rebirthing and rejuvenation.  In love of all things you must first start start within.  Raise your vibration, take heed in your actions, and in all that you are doing for this is the begining, you.  Heal yourself inside, love yourself in all things and embrace the love that is yours.  Rejoice in this day, rejoice in your love and live  your life. To change the planet you must look within you, you must know that you play an important role in what will happen on your planet. Raise your vibration, heal thyself, to raise the vibrations of earth.  Enlightenment within is the greatest tool you have at this time.  Kindness and love must first begin with you, enlightenment on the planet must begin with you, from within the very centre of all that you are, your heart centre. Open and release. Your light shines brightly, your light is healing for Mother Earth, your light is pure essence of who you are. Of life everlasting.  You are being called upon now to help her as she is needs your love & light this day.  Embrace the shift, for the shift is wihtin you. All that is light, is pure.  All that is light, is love.  All that you are is you. 

~ Blessed Be ~ AA Michael


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