Monday Morning Blessing ~

Dear Ones, I come to you today for the first time to bring you love. To share with you my gift so that you may see the wonderment all around you at this time. Many changes are taking place at this time on your planet, many have been told this was to happen. Many have seen and felt the beginnings. When you can accept your position within you to mankind, you will see that this change is good. For many do not see the fate of your world. The cycle of life is a vast continuum of change, and perpetual motion. Things cannot always stay the same. Motion and movement must happen for survival of the planet. Survival of its people. Greed will befallen those who cannot see the fate in the stars of those who are enlightened. Many have been called in at this time to help you to sustain life on your planet. Lift your source energy to us for we will guide you to that which can help you to see the light. To see the good in all that is, and all that is meant to be and all that will be on your planet. Hearts will find life and love, hearts that carry such heavy burdens will be eased into a greater sense of self. Many are leaving your planet at this time, please do not feel sorrow for this is the plan of the great Divine Consciousness for all. This is a clearing for those who see the greater plan. The Divine plan for all who exist on the planet, and those that are to help from another dimensions, and those going to greater planes. All is good, and all is as it shall be. Now is the time for you to see your light, feel it and allow it to guide you to the next plane of existence within you and on your planet. Make room for the new energies that are entering; they will be part of these shifts. Vibrations have been sent out through the Universe to the galaxies, and the planets of your great need. The time is nearing. Heal yourself and cleanse your eternal being, release all that does not serve you at this time. You are perfect, you are whole and you are love. Many blessings at this time. ~ AA Tatiana

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