Monday’s Blessing of Light

 Dear Ones, now is the time for wonderment and all the lovely intangibles; Joy and hope, love and beauty in all man. It is a time to look within, and see the goodness that is you, and to look around and know that this goodness exists in others, too. For you are all created of the same light. At this momentous occasion we ask that you to hold this feeling for all of mankind, all throughout the year; at times of war and haste; anger and hostility; jealousy and rage. When you feel overwhelmed, remember this season of love. for if at every moment of everyday you could hold the love and compassion for all within your hearts that you are feeling now, there would be great changes in the hearts of all man. But it is with great disdain that throughout the year many of you are bewildered. Today I ask that you will find in your heart, ‘your’ love, ‘your’ light, and ‘your’ compassion for all to see. Small comforts to the joys of one bring tidings of joy to the comforts to all. Blessings not only for this season, but for all year and goodwill to all. AA Uriel ~


“May you hold the blessings of this season in your heart all year”


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No part shall be copied or forwarded in whole or in part
Without written consent of Angelyn





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