Gabriel’s Christmas Message

“Dearest One,  On this day of great light, this day of peace and goodwill toward all, you will gather with family and friends at the hearth and home of love. And in the hearts of all there is goodness, may you reflect on those that have passed, those that are not as fortunate as you to be with the loved ones they cherish. Those that are in poverty and know not what it is to be loved.  Know that within the hearts of all man there is great love and Joy; love and kindness does not come from that which is bought in a store. It comes from a place of light, the light which resides within you, deep within your heart and soul.  Gather with one another on this festive day, and bow your heads to pray.  Pray for those that know not this day.  For those that are ill and deprived of love and goodness.  Pray for the families that have lost, and those that are at war.  Bow your heads, for we will listen and on this day your light shall be carried to the heavens, and if only for this day, your love shall be shown to those that are disheartened for the grief of lifes circumstances.  Glory be to God and the highest which is you.  For your light will be heard in the heavens for all mankind to see, a shining star, for this day is said, let there be peace in the hearts of ALL man, woman & child.

Glory be to all… blessings Archangel Gabriel”

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No part shall be copied or forwarded in whole or in part
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