It came upon a midnight clear…

 “In the darkness of this night, there is a stillness in the air. A feeling of peace and calm has come down upon the earth. Silent night indeed. All the children nestled in their beds, do they really have visions of sugarplums in their head, or is it of video games, and barbies, and sweets, wondering if Santa truly thinks they have been good too. As I walk down the street, my thoughts shift to those who are far away from their homes, away from their families, loved ones and children too. My heart aches as some are fighting wars so that there will be Peace on Earth, Good will toward man. They are the heroes of this night. Are they really making progress… so much strife in this world, will we ever see, that peace and goodwill exits in the hearts of man. If we could just get go of the ego and see that in the hearts of all is what they are fighting for, and it was always there. Today is the day when all should let go of the need for power, for it doesn’t exist on this day. But in the days leading up to this night, all of this has been forgotten. The hustle and bustle of the season and the spend, spend, spend. Stores reaching quotas to much delight. And on this night, I walk the night, reaching in my heart to forget this site. I feel all that I have lost, and all that is new. I praise this night and that I am blessed to reflect and all that matters are the people who care. My heart fills with tears as I suddenly feel; Why can’t people open their hearts and their eyes to see the love & the caring. Sad to say I have not seen much goodwill amongst man in the hearts of any…. But the still of this night, pulls me around as I walk round the block, then stop only to pause. I hear the sound of bells behind me. I pause. Slowly turning around… nothing. The wind picks up. Then stops, suddenly, and I find myself in another place and time. But standing in the moment of the hear and now. The sound of silence fills the air. I look up, the stars are especially bright, and I hear carollers in the sky; the angels sing. It is for this moment that my life exists, it is for this moment that life fills my mortal heart with love. It is for this moment that my heart sings. This is it. Goodwill toward all. This silence is the Love that is bestowed upon the earth. I wonder, how many at this moment on this earth feel this silent night, this holy night, peace on earth and goodwill to all… Blessed be to all that you may find your moment. That you may always Live, Love and Laugh…
Angelyn  (aka AA Radzekiel )

Copyright © – all rights reserved.
No part shall be copied or forwarded in whole or in part
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