Monday Morning Message

“Dear ones, at this time we feel fear is being generated on your planet at greater capacities, and used as a tool for many to succumb to. Fear from those who wish to bestow power and fear that is keeping one from moving forward on their path; and on your own. Fear generates anger and hostility in many, but is mastered by few. When one is overcome by the power of others, one must succumb to the fear of another. For the fear of someone who is dominant shows their vulnerability, when it is through their fear that they are trying to be powerful. To emulate power because of fear only puts one lower on their path. This fear can create blockages on ones path to self growth, failing to allow one to see their full potential and allow them to be true to themselves. A powerful position does not allow one to have freedom, it does not allow and individual to overcome that of another. Karma, will be at your side and sooner or later the powerful ones will be overcome by their own fears. Work together, each as an equal to another, labels aside. Know that each of you is one created from the same source. Brought together to work towards creating peace within each other on the planet. This greatness to be in power is generating fears, let go of the fear. Let your true self shine, do not succumb to the power of another. Take back your own power. Hold your head in high esteem and know that you are not along for the Angels are guiding you and protecting you. There are some that you will not reach, but do not let their power reach you. When you can release the fear within you, you will spread the joy that is within your own heart. You are not going to change the world, but you can change your place within it. Shine as you are meant to shine, radiate the pure love that is within, take your personal power back and release the fears within ‘you’. You are in control. Live, Love & laugh
~ Blessings, Radzekiel”

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