A most wonderful thing…

 rainbowlightThis week has been one of the worst weeks in my life… and after yet another ‘trying’ day, I went to pick up my wonderful daughter and support. As we were driving and chatting, I noticed a wonderful ‘rainbow’… I said to her; “do you see that” (about to say across the sun when she said) I yes, but the sun (the real sun) is in my eyes. I look up, astonished, for there was what appeared to be two suns. It was weird. As we looked through the sunshine there it was; the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen in a while.

Now, for those of you who are not familiar with the significance of rainbows to me; let me explain… In the few short months of my mothers illness I did not have a car, and my dad had to drive us an hour from their house (where we were living at the time) to where we live now, where my office and Lenka’s school was.

Many times, my dad and I would see massive, beautiful rainbows, sometimes even double rainbows. And we would suddenly start talking about my mom.

The December after she passed (she passed in Oct) It was the coldest day of the year (much like today was) I was driving from their house to Whitby, and I saw the most beautiful rainbow as I came upon the crest of the hill. I started to cry and said to my mom, “Mom, I can’t do this anymore, I can’t drive this distance. I just can’t do this … Please help; please help us to find a home” As a matter of fact, the rainbow looked like it ended where my office was. I saw the rainbow for the whole drive. My settlement had come in and Lenka and I were looking for a home. Three days later, Lenka told me about this house. And I called my real estate agent to look at it. Long story short… we bought it that night. Everything added up to 7 or had the number 7 in it. The house number is 71; we took possession on the 17th of June (moved in on the 18th, the day that would have been my 17th wedding anniversary with Lenka’s dad) The mortgage had added to 7; the phone number at the time had 3, 7’s in it… BTW: my mothers lucky/favourite number was 7.

So… every time I see a rainbow, I think of my mom, and I know she is with me. It has been so many months since I have seen a rainbow, and even longer since I have seen one so close and so brilliant (I could make out ‘all’ the colours) AND the first time since she died that I have seen BOTH ends of the rainbow.

I immediately said to Lenka. “Everything is going to be just fine, WE are going to be just fine. When I see a rainbow I think of Nana, and I know she is watching over us”

This rainbow lasted till I got home and I couldn’t see it anymore.

An Interesting Rainbow fact: Rainbows are only visible when the sun is behind you… today, at each end of the rainbow it appeared to us that there were two suns in the sky” BTW: there was no rain or precipitation today.

Thanks for listening… Angelyn