Morning dance with the Fae


This morning as I sit in my garden, silently in the dark upon my white bench, facing the remnants of last years garden, The rain pouring down upon my shoulders, cleansing the earth, the plants, and me. I lift my face to the sky allowing the rain to wash and cleanse my soul. After awhile, the sun peaks above the crest of the earth, her light beginning to shine on the day. Also cleansing, the soul of the earth. I hear above in the trees a rustling as the squirrels scuttle about, Alas, the chirp of the first bird of spring. I smile.

Silently, I call to the fae and hear the tiny tinkling of bells in the far corner. Giggling in a game of hide and seek. I see them dance around the garden in the rain. Singing their songs of spring. I close my eyes, and I am transformed. Two inches high, and dancing around the roses, holding hands as beams of light extend from my heart, the hearts of all the fae in this ritual song, sending love to the plants awakening them from the deep slumber of winters hibernation. One by one, to each of the plants in my garden, the rosemary, with her fragrant scent, onto the lovely lavender, her aroma fills the damp air. Our dance continues through the thyme and all the delicate herbs. We sing and dance and praise the Goddess for her goodness, her love and all her magick.

Whispers in the wind, and someone calls my name, I am transformed once again to the bench, I open my eyes. The rain pouring down harder now, and I realize that I am soaked to the skin. I laugh out loud, and retreat to the warmth of my home, and get into some dry clothes… Silently, I stand at the window. Hot cocoa in my hand, “Have a beautiful day, my little fae. Be safe, be warm, and may your magick always be apart of my life”, “ I will always cherish, and honour your presence in my life, and thank you for bringing the beautiful colours and fragrances in my life” Blessed Be!

 I turn, and the day begins.


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Across the Kitchen Table

friends_and_coffee1This morning, as we sit across the kitchen table, apologies aside of how long it has been since our last visit. I look out the window at the fresh fallen snow, the sun beams brightly down from the blue sky and there is rebirth that lies underneath the fresh fallen snow, waiting to come alive. I reach across the table and take your hand, it trembles slightly as I look into your tear filled eyes, I feel your grief. Your heart so full of love has only been deflated just a little, I still feel the joy that resides behind your eyes. I see over your right shoulder, a visitor who has just come in. Archangel Raphael in all his wonderful glory, has come to visit and he places his healing hands on your heart.

He says… “All is not lost. There is still lots of Love for you to give. Feel them all around your home, the loyalty and compassion of your lost children, as they fill your home with love. There will be more to come. Many that need your heart. Be strong little child for I will always be in your heart, I will heal the hurt you feel so that you may open to the children that need to be with you. Your ‘furry’ children as you affectionately refer to them, are waiting for you, the new ones to come. Little one, your services are still needed. Pick up your heart for I will hold it for you, open your home to love & joy. You are wonderful and a blessing.”

As these words fill your heart, the room fills with enormous green light, healing light. I see a pink light as it enters into your heart, filling you with love and giving you the strength that you need. Gently, I pull my hand away… and I gaze out the window, towards the garden gate, your reach for the plate of cookies, I reach for the cream. You look to me with hope and appreciation in your eyes, I am grateful to be able to share this moment with you my loving friend. Perhaps we will do it again soon. The cookies are exceptionally yummy and warm this morning. There is nothing more comforting than two friends who’s hearts come together to share. Next time, tea in the garden?

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Buds of Spring

rose-gardenThe first buds of spring beckon to be called forth, wanting all who will see them to see them in all their glory. Giving hope to new life after a long and arduous winter. Showing me that life always renews itself with each day, each moment and that we all have a chance to shed the old to be re-birthed. Each day is a new spring in the garden of life. Your garden of life. What things in your life are you giving a renewal? What signs of hope do you see with each new day? Revitalization of life is essential for new life to begin. Divine source gives us with each passing year; each passing day; each passing season and each passing day, the chance to start again. The Divine source begins deep within your hear. Each season; each reason bring with it a new leaf on our personal tree of life. Awaken to your new life. Rejoice and embrace the moment. Knowing that in the garden of love, your heart is the new bud blossoming. What colour; what fragrance; what essence are you today in your garden? Today, I am the Rose, and my gift to you is love. The eternal love of the rose is delicate yet protecting. Towering for all to see. Its beauty breath taking, and its colour rich in hue for those to see. Her fragrance as it touches the tip of your nose dances with the delicate olfactory system sending messages to your brain. A euphoric state of mind, calming, peaceful and Loving friendship. The hardiness of her stems, waiting silently for the first signs of spring…

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` At the Garden Gate `

` At the Garden Gate `
As I ponder the moments that began this year, I look out the window and into the snow covered garden. Through my garden gate I see the glimpse of lights peering into the garden.  Waiting and wondering when they can come in… they want to dance and ‘kiss’ the blades of grass, and spread their magick.   Its not time I hear the gentle whisper in my ear.  The sun begins to beam lightly into the garden, and the faeries dance and glisten off the pure white snow, untouched, peaceful, patient, ever so patient as the garden nymps wait to touch down. The signs are not there yet they tell me. Preparations are being made.  What preparations are to be done I ask.  “Well… there are the colours to be prepared.  The greens, the browns and all the yellows, oranges, purples and blues… oh yes, lets not forget the reds.”  It takes delicate timing for each colour, and each petal to be prepared.”  Tell me about the flowers, I ask. “Well, she confides, the roses are my favourites, so delicate, so beautiful, each drop of rain falls just so on each petal, nourishing life to show the simplistic beauty of her true beauty.  The texture, so precise in its softness, a balance of beauty, and pain.  For to be pricked by her thorns is to know that she protects her beauty, showing her strength.” Each plant, each flower, she tells me, has to be in perfect harmony and balance with the delicate beauty of nature.  Not to strong, not to delicate and never to appear fragile.  Suddenly, I hear the faint beauty of harps and there is a silence between us, I know it is time for her to go. And in a flash, she was gone… and the snow began to fall’
~ thank you to the fae people for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with me, so I can share with you.. thank you Faelene~

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