Buds of Spring

rose-gardenThe first buds of spring beckon to be called forth, wanting all who will see them to see them in all their glory. Giving hope to new life after a long and arduous winter. Showing me that life always renews itself with each day, each moment and that we all have a chance to shed the old to be re-birthed. Each day is a new spring in the garden of life. Your garden of life. What things in your life are you giving a renewal? What signs of hope do you see with each new day? Revitalization of life is essential for new life to begin. Divine source gives us with each passing year; each passing day; each passing season and each passing day, the chance to start again. The Divine source begins deep within your hear. Each season; each reason bring with it a new leaf on our personal tree of life. Awaken to your new life. Rejoice and embrace the moment. Knowing that in the garden of love, your heart is the new bud blossoming. What colour; what fragrance; what essence are you today in your garden? Today, I am the Rose, and my gift to you is love. The eternal love of the rose is delicate yet protecting. Towering for all to see. Its beauty breath taking, and its colour rich in hue for those to see. Her fragrance as it touches the tip of your nose dances with the delicate olfactory system sending messages to your brain. A euphoric state of mind, calming, peaceful and Loving friendship. The hardiness of her stems, waiting silently for the first signs of spring…

Copyright © – 2009 – all rights reserved.

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