Across the Kitchen Table

friends_and_coffee1This morning, as we sit across the kitchen table, apologies aside of how long it has been since our last visit. I look out the window at the fresh fallen snow, the sun beams brightly down from the blue sky and there is rebirth that lies underneath the fresh fallen snow, waiting to come alive. I reach across the table and take your hand, it trembles slightly as I look into your tear filled eyes, I feel your grief. Your heart so full of love has only been deflated just a little, I still feel the joy that resides behind your eyes. I see over your right shoulder, a visitor who has just come in. Archangel Raphael in all his wonderful glory, has come to visit and he places his healing hands on your heart.

He says… “All is not lost. There is still lots of Love for you to give. Feel them all around your home, the loyalty and compassion of your lost children, as they fill your home with love. There will be more to come. Many that need your heart. Be strong little child for I will always be in your heart, I will heal the hurt you feel so that you may open to the children that need to be with you. Your ‘furry’ children as you affectionately refer to them, are waiting for you, the new ones to come. Little one, your services are still needed. Pick up your heart for I will hold it for you, open your home to love & joy. You are wonderful and a blessing.”

As these words fill your heart, the room fills with enormous green light, healing light. I see a pink light as it enters into your heart, filling you with love and giving you the strength that you need. Gently, I pull my hand away… and I gaze out the window, towards the garden gate, your reach for the plate of cookies, I reach for the cream. You look to me with hope and appreciation in your eyes, I am grateful to be able to share this moment with you my loving friend. Perhaps we will do it again soon. The cookies are exceptionally yummy and warm this morning. There is nothing more comforting than two friends who’s hearts come together to share. Next time, tea in the garden?

Copyright © – 2009 – all rights reserved. 

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