Morning dance with the Fae


This morning as I sit in my garden, silently in the dark upon my white bench, facing the remnants of last years garden, The rain pouring down upon my shoulders, cleansing the earth, the plants, and me. I lift my face to the sky allowing the rain to wash and cleanse my soul. After awhile, the sun peaks above the crest of the earth, her light beginning to shine on the day. Also cleansing, the soul of the earth. I hear above in the trees a rustling as the squirrels scuttle about, Alas, the chirp of the first bird of spring. I smile.

Silently, I call to the fae and hear the tiny tinkling of bells in the far corner. Giggling in a game of hide and seek. I see them dance around the garden in the rain. Singing their songs of spring. I close my eyes, and I am transformed. Two inches high, and dancing around the roses, holding hands as beams of light extend from my heart, the hearts of all the fae in this ritual song, sending love to the plants awakening them from the deep slumber of winters hibernation. One by one, to each of the plants in my garden, the rosemary, with her fragrant scent, onto the lovely lavender, her aroma fills the damp air. Our dance continues through the thyme and all the delicate herbs. We sing and dance and praise the Goddess for her goodness, her love and all her magick.

Whispers in the wind, and someone calls my name, I am transformed once again to the bench, I open my eyes. The rain pouring down harder now, and I realize that I am soaked to the skin. I laugh out loud, and retreat to the warmth of my home, and get into some dry clothes… Silently, I stand at the window. Hot cocoa in my hand, “Have a beautiful day, my little fae. Be safe, be warm, and may your magick always be apart of my life”, “ I will always cherish, and honour your presence in my life, and thank you for bringing the beautiful colours and fragrances in my life” Blessed Be!

 I turn, and the day begins.


Copyright © – 2009 – all rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “Morning dance with the Fae

  1. this is beautiful! I guess i’m not the only one having Spring encounters! 🙂 This spring i think i’m going to invite the Fae into my little garden. It has a creek running through it with a little bridge… I think they’ll like it.
    Also, I bet that rain cleansed the last of your ongoing virus away… how do you feel a day later?

    Sun Child

  2. lOVED your “Morning Dance” piece. My girlfriend Hazel passed it along to me. We visited you last year in Whitevale. Actually, I purchased a voucher online for ‘tea for two’ with you. What is your location now, have you moved? Let me know, and we’ll make a plan for an invigorating outing with you… Elayne

    1. Hi Elayne… how are you? So nice to hear from you… The tearoom is still there. I sold the business due to health reasons.. but you should definitely go and check it out. the owner is a good friend of mine, and she is so lovely, you will love her… hope to see you again soon! Blessings ~ Angelyn!

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