Message of Light

Dear Ones, As the world, and your life around you starts to become somewhat disenchanting, and you feel overwhelmed in the darkness of the night. Wait, hold on to all that you truly believe in deep within your heart, and you will see, that as the dawn approaches, there is a moment when things seem to be the darkest. That moment is your moment of truth. This moment in time is when all will be revealed to you. Are you listening, are you feeling in your heart? As the dawn approaches, I can see the light in your eyes, the glimmer of hope that you cannot see, but you will feel. At that moment it is when you will see the sun crest upon the earth and begin to rise, this is the magikal moment of your own reality. When the truth truly belongs to you. Do not be disenchanted for you are a wondrous essence of all that exists in your reality, you are love, light, and all that is joy. Enlightenment is the key to all that worries you, all that shadows you. You are the shadow hiding from your own light. In the light of the morning, go within and let your true light shine. You are beautiful and perfect, and I love you! ~ AA Radzekiel

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