Twilight Fae…

In the moments before the dawning of the morning sky, everything around me is peaceful and quiet. The sky still deepened from the night. The air crisp, and cool. I see a faint blanket of frost has covered the ground, waiting for the warmth of spring for life to begin. I Sit here in the garden, cup of coffee in hand, as I ponder over they day, making plans. The birds have not begun their morning choir as yet, filling the air with their sweet sounds. Deep in thought, the twilight fae have captured me and I am in their spell. I am mesmerized. Taken away to a far off place; in my own backyard. I Listen to my heart, the soft beat, the rushing pulse of life throughout my body. It is then that I hear a soft cry. Just over there in the corner, under the lilac bush that is still sleeping dormant from its winter slumber. I see the shadow of a small girl. Her face cannot be seen, only her eyes. It is in those eyes that I feel her pain; her suffering, and her sorrow. And I recognize this all too clearly, for deep within the burrows of my own heart, this is the shadow of a little girl, who was me. She is awakening in me, the pain within my heart. I reach for her hand and she allows me into her private place. I sit beside her, and wrap my arms around her. Not a word is spoken, yet I hear the message all too clearly. She wants to be set free. She wants to fly with the angels in heaven. To be unconditionally loved and happy. I agree, it is time. I close my eyes to the memories that lie within my heart, and I call to the angels to come rescue this little child so that she may be free. One by one, I set them free so that life may continue on. I set her free, into the rainbow of life the angels take her, across the bridge to heaven, where all will be transmuted, transposed and transformed. I watch her cross into the rainbow and my heart is lifted, I am free. I close my eyes and touch the joy that lies within. My heart rejoices in a serenade of song as the morning doves begin their choir. The day has begin. I open my eyes, the sun is cresting the horizon… and I smile.

Copyright © – all rights reserved. 2009



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