Morning visitor

I gather my coffee cup in both hands and I head out to the stoop, waiting for the sun to rise, allowing the warmth of the liquid to warm me. I breathe in the brisk morning air into my lungs. My friend the blue jay comes to visit. He perches himself on the barren flower pot, looking for seed. I remain still, so as not to disturb his morning ritual. I close my eyes and listen to the silence. When my friend begins his morning serenade. His soft morning chirps soften in the breeze. And through the melody, I hear the words of my messenger as he speaks solemnly to me; “Times may appear difficult right now in your world, but in the morning light, a new day will appear and with it new life; new hope. Until, day by day, moment by moment what is dark is no more. For all is not as it appears to be. Lick the wounds of life and allow them to heal, for the band aids do not heal, they mask the problems at hand, you must face them. Take off the ‘band aid’ and heal. Listen to your heart.” I felt the love return to my soul. My feathered messenger then flew away. I open my eyes as the sun begins to crest the horizon, beaming brightly. Shining down upon me. She awakens to the new day. Softly melting the dew from all that has been blanketed the night before. And with her bright light brings new hope for today is indeed a new day. And life begins once again. ~ Blessings ~ Angelyn



Copyright © – 2009 – all rights reserved. 


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