Morning Sun

The birds have begun their morning song in the twilight of the morn. The earth becoming warm, the fresh scent of newness of the flowers as the begin to bud, the grass as it grows. Choirs sing all around me. This morning as the sun rises upon the crest of the earth, my coffee in hand as I sit upon the front step. Breathing in the freshness of the morning, and the light of the new sun as it faces me, shining her light and warmth upon my face. A warm breeze kisses my cheeks with a message of love. Whispering in the dew of the morning. A song of newness and promises of a blissful day.

The morning doves adorn themselves on my front lawn, a pair. Spring has begun, the song of new love and new hope, with it brings promises of new life, new and better days to come, reminding me that as long as there is love in my heart, all things are possible. Not just for me, but for all that believe and have faith to trust in themselves. Trust that with faith and guidance you will be taken to follow the path that is right for you. Believe in yourself and know that soon, life is what it is, what you make of it is how it will turn out.

In this sweet song of life, I feel in my heart as it beats a little faster, I hear the sound of the beats and hear the message of life; there is life and love for all. There is plenty of abundance, reach for yours, know that you deserve to have all that you desire in your life. Know that there is plenty of abundance upon this planet. Find your golden star, it is not too far away from your reach, grasp it and make your dreams come true. If you are honest with your heart, you will know what that is. If you are true to yourself, you will know where to find it. If you believe in yourself, you will make it happen. Then, you will share this knowledge with others, and share the joy that is within you! Find your Joy, its there and you don’t have to look very far!

~ Blessed Be ~ Angelyn

Copyright © – 2009 – all rights reserved.



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