Important Message from the Divine

Dear Ones, the time has come to call forth your light. It could not be a more important time than now to go within the center of who you are and to call forth the light of your existence. Time is speeding up, Mother Earth is swiftly going through her changes and the Divine plan is swiftly and effortlessly moving into action. May of you may feel this shift in your being-ness, and require much needed rest. Call to the core of your heart, there you will find the love of Divine to help you to remain centered in what you will be asked to do next. This will require great manifestation. Call to action all that is you, your light is greatly needed. During this time we praise you and give you all that you ask to help you meet your needs, and the needs of the Divine. You are now being called for to bring the light of Love, Compassion, Understanding and Joy forth towards a greater existence. The time is now to reach within, and “BE”. Simply be; BE Love, BE Light, BE still in the divine existence of who you are. You are NOT alone, the armies of Angels have come forth to your planet to assist all of you on this mission. This is a most auspicious time on your planet and the shifts have already begun. You my child are an integral part of this life source. Of this great change. You, are a lightworker, and you are being called now to shine this light upon those around you, upon the earth and the Universe to aid in this process. Strengthen your core soul, stand tall. You are blessed with the guidance of the superiors at this time. Ask, each night to allow the purpose of your complete soul to come forth. Ask, for the guidance of light and creation to assist you in ‘your’ mission of light. Ask, and it will be given to you. For you are an integral being of light & oneness with the Divine Creator. ~ Blessings of light from the Creator; AA Raziel. ~


© Angelyn 2009


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