My Secret Garden

In my backyard I have two gardens, one is a Faery garden designed for my little friends ‘the fae’.  Special planets for them to play. Magic mirrors and crystals are placed within this garden.  Today, while I was weeding in the garden of Fae. Faelene greeted me and I was transformed and invited into a private place; just beyond the mushrooms. Deep inside the forget-me-nots. There it was, the most beautiful gate, iridescent colours, shiny and bright.  Galena, the gate keeper greeted us. She in all her glory opened the gate and handed me the magick key… Faelene and I entered into the beautiful world where magick appears all around you.  Wonderment and awe, I looked over at my guide, and a tear escaped her deep emerald eyes.  ‘what is wrong Faelene?’ I asked.  She squeezed my hand and smiled as she guided me down a path of rubies, sapphires and emeralds.  She takes me through the multi-coloured lanterns glowing along the path. We walked in the soft glow until we got to a crystal bench, I sat on the bench and she took my hands in hers and said:

“My dear angel, have you considered all power and fulfillment yearned for by all humans exists in the present moment; in this tremendous energy. Which is more than the mind can ever imagine. It is a mystery of the paradox; the conscious awareness of your soul. When your life that has been transformed; you feel happy, and everything is a miracle, carefully orchestrated by the universe. Only when you can feel your place in the Universe will you truly understand and you will rise above.  At this moment all is as it should be, and you are Spirit. Uncertainty will always exist in your world as change is always infused with non-change. Please understand that consciousness, pure consciousness will always be present in everything, no matter where, no matter what form. In your physical world there is the least amount of pure consciousness as it will always be dominated with the physical and the illusion of being separate. Pure consciousness will become more powerful as you become closer to it. The highest state of consciousness available to us is unity. Your true self contains the light that no darkness can intrude upon; you are safe. For you are love.” 

We then sat in silence, my head lowered  in the glory that was around me. It made me think of all that I have in my life. All the Joy that surrounded me and the love from within. My heart filled with fire, a warm glow of that which I had never experienced before. There was a breeze across my cheek, a magikal kiss of the fae and I was transformed back into the reality of that which was my garden.  The sun was slowly making her ascent into the earth, the air was calm and brisk. Silence. Not a sound was heard around me. I lifted my head, and there before me, sitting on my faery statue, the twinkling life of a spring nymph. My tears, were dry.  Sunshine in my heart… I ascended inside, and the rain began…


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