~ Coffee with a Friend ~

friendsloveCoffee with a friend

The air is damp and cold as the rain teems down upon the earth feeding her so that life may continue to exist. There is a song in my head that just won’t go away this morning, “there’s a hole in my bucket dear Liza, dear Liza; a hole in my bucket dear Liza, a hole.” Seems quite appropriate, don’t you think.

I love the rain, the birds are still singing in the downpour. I sit at your table this morning, overlooking your garden, my hair gently pulled back, face ashen. A sigh emits from my lungs, like life being let out of an air mattress. Not a word is spoken. Your gently face is all I need; listening. My darkened eyes fill with tears. Slowly one escapes, gently your hand covers mine. The mother I never had.

No words are spoken. I come here today, because I know you are not filled with judgements, or words that you know are just words. I know all that everybody can say. And you my dear friend, know that is not what I need to hear. You know, I need just a friend. Someone who is just there for me… I know that is selfish, but I am scared. And perhaps slipping into a slight depression of the unknown. You know the kind, the unknown. Oh, I know I will be okay… there is no question of that!

I am disconnected. Neither here, nor there. The heaviness on my heart lays there within me. Untouched. Unknown. Unscathed. Physically, there is no reason for these ailments. I know; I know…

I had a talk with my Angels today; I am needed there. I am needed here. Life on this planet feels less an less these days. I have been travelling back to open the doors. There is no escape. I have asked for them to open the gate so that I may provide the tools necessary to teach the word. They have given me the tools, I need to share them with everyone. How? How can I do that?

Life here, is a mystery. So much for me to do, yet so many pieces still missing. Connections still to be made. What do I do, how do I make them see; make them feel. There is no compassion. Another’s life is not to be ‘fixed’, it is to be treasured. Understood, only to them. The human self is only there so that each of us is not alone. Is it right to judge another? No… to walk the path with another is to feel that persons pain, put your arm around them and say “its okay, I am here now”… but so many fail to see. Everyone has an opinion. Love your opinion; but you don’t know ‘me’…

You fill my cup, as you listen. I know you feel my words. You smile at me and I see the green glow emanate from your soul. You are emerging from your self, as your true self to me. I am safe; I am love.

“Wishes are stars, falling to the Earth” Each one a seed planted in the ground and needs water to grow. We call them ‘dreams’. The dream squashers say; “no, you can’t” Is it out of fear that we, the dreamers may make a difference and change the world. The universe says, “If you won’t do it; I will. So reap the rewards of the Joy you are to ‘be’; perfectly”

My dear friend, it is hard for me to remain on this planet. This I know. The more I come into being, the more I see this as so. I have ‘blown’ my fuses, and can’t find the hardware store to replace them. When I came into this body, it was a sacrifice that needed to be made. As time marches on, these realities of life become harder to sacrifice. The more the shift happens, the harder this becomes.

There are so many who accuse; “you are not grounded”. How do they know; they don’t understand. Clearly, they don’t understand the work I have been sent here to do. Who does? I need to find just one person who does. Just one. One person with whom, I can tell them about my true being of self, and they don’t question, don’t judge. One person with whom will understand, who will know my confusion, my Star. One person whom I don’t have to explain a single thing. Many are not ready for me. The walk in. THAT; is who I am… I am Archangel Radzekiel!

“Be true to your real-self, for it is all that you have. You are only here to serve the purpose that is yours. No one can take that away from you. To serve your purpose, to exist on this planet is to work within you. Know that you are one on a planet of millions. Your light shines above all, in all that you do. Ask, and it shall be given to you, for it is already yours.”

I look up, and there is a smile upon your face, a gentleness in your heart. Love lives there. Quiet, stillness… the birds continue to sing!


2 thoughts on “~ Coffee with a Friend ~

  1. From a deep place within, that few know or understand about me…..I know exactly how you feel…..
    Talk to me if and when it feels appropriate…..
    Love & Light,

  2. Angelyn, your words as always connect deeply with my being. With who and what I am. I love you and wish you all the best in all your endeavours. Thank you for being who and what you are.
    Love, Light and Laughter
    Lady Tahena

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