Morning with the Goldfinch ~

Dear friends, I want to share an experience that happened to me this morning~

As I sit at my computer, everyday, I am serenaded by the wonderful feathered creatures that adorn my backyard… for the past two weeks, my friend and I have been walking along the shore of Lake Ontario on designated walking paths.  We have enjoyed the birds immensely.  This morning, we took a different walk, on a different path.  Since a few days before the Solstice we started to see Goldfinch, the birds of the solstice …  we see these birds everyday, and this morning we had three follow us on our path.  They would fly ahead, we would catch up, they would fly a little further.  Each time purching on a new bush. Until we turned our course… We were very thankful!

However, when we pulled up to my driveway; there, perched on my car; one on the handle, one on the ledge of the window… ‘two’ goldfinches … we watched and waited.  They sat there for the longest time the one on the door handle stayed and the other flew up into the pine tree, flew back to the car and back to the tree, until both of them flew into the tree… it was beautiful.

When we did park, we pulled out her “Animal speaks” book … these are the birds of that awaken to the Nature Spirits ~ faeries, elves & divas; to the nature spirits of summer solstice and are of summer season. Their unique fly patterns are significant to flying in to the spirit world & back to physical.  They are also representatives of the Angel Auriel….

How exciting!!!
I AM truly Grateful!

One thought on “Morning with the Goldfinch ~

  1. Absolutely beautiful. i have had since the new energies have come in alot of colored parrots in my back yard. i dont know if they represent anything but they r beautiful to watch……. i am in australia……

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