The Swans ~

As I sit in quiet meditation, looking out at the wetlands before me, I am serenaded by the song of the birds all around me. Drifting graciously and effortlessly before me in the water, as if to make no ripples in the waters, leaving only a reflection, is a beautiful swan. Mesmerized at her graciousness, and ease; she knows only what is before her on her journey. Not too far behind her, I see another swan. Not making any effort to catch up with her, quite happy and content with his own path in life. I ponder this a moment, taking a deep breath as I am one being in the beauty of all nature that surrounds me. When a red Cardinal swoops down and lands in the tree directly in front of me… I close my eyes a moment to drink in all this beauty.. And I hear a soft whisper:

“Little one, Amidst all the chaos of life, lies within it the Grace and Beauty of life and all things. You must always remember that even though you walk alone, there will always be someone not too far away watching over you, protecting you. You must live life, for life is about living, not worry. Do not fear this journey or the next, be in the Grace of all that comes to you on your path. Hold your head high, and know in your heart that I am always here with you. It shall always be but for the Grace of God and his Angels that you are the beauty that walks along your path, you are the beauty within all living things, for you are one with the Universe” ~ AA Serena (my personal angel)

There was a sudden brush upon my cheek, I opened my eyes and watched the swans a moment longer and carried along on my journey, back to life.

Please use your discernment with these messages,
and pass along (in its entiret) to anyone you think may benefit.

Copyright © – Angelyn 2009

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