Magickal Beach ~

The morning light twinkling and the air is pending rain, we decide as a variety this morning, we decided to go to the conservation area. I had forgotten how beautiful it is. It has been at least 10 years since I have been here. The walk started with a bombardment of bugs, but we got through it. We followed along the trail around its twists and turns. Finding that it leads us in to part of a small forest, slightly. Around a small bend to the left and we emerge onto an isolated beach. To the left view of my early morning walk. To the left, the small pebbled beach continues until I can’t see it any more. Above the sky is clear; clouds don’t seem to exist here. The sun sparkling on the water casting tiny diamonds in our eyes. Hands stretched to the sky, I reach up in a prayer of gratitude. The air feels light, and the wind caresses my face. Walking up the beach, I am drawn to a spot to sit, close enough to touch the water, but far enough that it can’t touch me… lost in the magic of the water hitting the beach… I close my eyes and sing a soft melody of gratitude. My heart lifts with the breezes up, up toward the sun… carried on the breeze of universal love and life. My face tingles, kissed and caressed. My soul is carried away up to the great blue sky. My soul has lifted, my breathing now shallow. Amongst the peace and serenity of this magickal place, and it truly is magickal. There seems to be an ominous feel in my heart, of what is to come. Startled, I open my eyes and see four Canadian Geese gently floating in front of me. I look down at all the tiny pebbles before my two tiny, round pebbles before me, two sparkling gemstones. Softly, I whisper; Thank you.

Copyright © – Angelyn 2009

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