~Message of Light~

angel_dovelightDear Ones; Life is. It just is and you are all part of the divine creation. You are a being of eternal light and your essence will be lit throughout eternity. Your body is not. There are defined entrance and exit points through out time. Your life on Earth is a co-creation of Spirit and Divine and is not eternal. Each one of you, at some point shall be called home. Spirit is aware of this. With your gifts of free will and ego, you have consciousness and therefore may not remember your contracts within your spirit. Life will continue as planned. Each life co-existing with others and then leaving upon its exit point. Honour the will of Spirit and the will of the almighty, and this coming together. For you are truly one with the Divine. Life as you know it is short, we ask that you make the most of the time you have there and bring Joy into your heart so you may feel.

May life allow you to bring Love & Joy within you so that you may share all with those your life will touch ~ Many blessings ~ AA Metatron

Please use your discernment with these messages,
and pass along to anyone you think may benefit.
Copyright © – Angelyn 2009

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