The Visit

It was 4:44 am, when a familiar light filled my room. It brought great peace to me. The light shimmered soft hues of pinks and blues. Sparkling like the sun as she dances upon the water in the morning. The Angel light surrounded me in protection and love. It filled my chest allowing my heart to fill with light. As she spoke, You must share the word of love to all who will listen, and healing will take place within all who will hear. For their hearts will fill with great Joy, Love & understanding” . I was not afraid, for I knew that which she spoke.

“We release from you all that keeps you from your work in this dimension.” ”All that does not serve your greatest shall be released from you and light and love of creator shall fill its place.” She extended and reached into my heart. Filling each cell with the love and peace of the Angel. I could feel this warmth of love as it permeated through out my entire body, healing, loving embracing my very soul. I felt connected with that which I truly am. “Greatness has been restored to you in your purest form. Light extends from your heart and into all who will come to you. Heal through the body, the mind but most of all the spirit. I will send them to you”. “Do not be afraid, nothing will bind you and keep you from the true work of the Creator. Life is love. Grace is Joy and you are the gift given to those who surround you at this time. All shall be of your truest essence”Her words fell upon my soul like the softness of the snow as it fell upon the ground. I rose from my bed and approached the window. There it was … her white blanket as it covered the earth. Protecting her … there it was. I felt it in my bones. Lightness. Purity… Joy! And thus, the day begins…..



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