Durham residents look to the future at Whitby Summer Psychic Fair

This is not a story that I wrote, but something I wanted to share . . thank you for being on my journey, and I look forward to blogging and writing again as my new journey begins. . . blessings ~ Angelyn


WHITBY — People wondering what the future holds had a chance to find out at the 21st annual Whitby Summer Psychic Fair Aug. 3 to 6.

Psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and more came from around the world to the Whitby Curling Club to help Durham residents get in touch with their spiritual sides.

Hosted by Niagara Falls-based First Star Enterprises, the festival featured professional spiritual readers and fortune tellers of all kinds, along with a unique shopping experience and many interesting demos and lectures.

Stan Mallow of First Star Enterprises said the Whitby show is special, because it was one of the company’s first.

The one thing we like special about over here is the relationships, the people here feel like family,” he said.

A highlight of the show was its advanced kirlian aura and chakra photos. In the spiritual world, aura refers to the electromagnetic energy that surrounds people. Auras are said to come in many colours that describe a person’s state of being. Everyone is said to have seven chakras that represent the body’s main energy centres. The colours and sizes of chakras are said to indicate how healthy and balanced someone is.

Using an electromagnetic sensor and digital camera, photographer Ray Faucher captured photos of my aura and chakras which I got to keep, along with a detailed personal report on what my photos mean.

My aura is larger than average, Mr. Faucher said, explaining that means I have strong, attractive energy.

He said two spirit guides were also captured in my photos, appearing as bright orbs on each side of my body. A bright orb that appeared above my head was said to be my guardian angel.

Angelyn introduced me further to my guardian angel, whose name she said is ‘Stefanie’.

Angelyn, an angelologist from Whitby, communicated with Stefanie to tell me about myself. She detailed an exciting future for me, which one would day bring me to Africa to help bring attention to the plight of people there.

“Keeping in mind that you do have free will, and you do have the power to change anything that any psychic tells you,” she added. “Nothing is carved in stone.”

Residents can soon find Angelyn at “Under the Tea Cup”, opening in September in Whitevale, 425 Whitevale Rd. Check out http://www.undertheteacup.co.cc for more information. or call 905.431.4162

Angelyn said she sees me travelling a lot, which Dia, a psychic adviser, said will be good for me.

“That’s your meditation,” Dia told me. “You can’t live like a nomad, but you’re an almost nomad … Travel is what’s going to sustain you.”

I got great advice from Dia, a psychic adviser from Oshawa, about following my heart.

“You’re always better off following it,” she said. “Even if stuff turns out disastrous, at least you can put the period on the end of the sentence.”

I’m still not sure what my future holds, but I sure had fun wondering at the Whitby Summer Psychic Fair.

___________________________________________________________________________________Reporter Tara Hatherly can be found on Twitter @Tara_Hatherly and on Facebook by searching Tara Hatherly.


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