Birth of a Tearoom

Many years ago, I discovered a need for people to just simply ‘be’ .. be in the company of others and just enjoy! To me this is an integral part of living, and of life.  To enjoy one anothers company, and accompany the experience with a Joyful cup of tea. . . .  with all the numbers crunched, and the plan designed all that was left to do was find the location. That was the most difficult of all.  Then one day . . a dear friend of mine found the location.. and all way perfect. . or so I thought!

Though stops n’ strains, I got through the first steps, and the lease was finally signed. Everything was moving forward. . . then the city came to visit. . . and there were stumbling blocks with permits, and inspections. .  ..  got through that and breathed a sigh of relief. .  until. . . days went by, weeks went by. . . and calls were made. . . lets get this process moving!

This morning, while out on my walk, I asked my father, while he was a contractor when he was there that if he had any ‘pull’ on the other side could he please move things forward I asked that if the tearoom was going to open as planned to be shown me a sign; a sign of a Heron….. my current animal totem

Well . . you will never guess what happened .. .a few moments after that. . . . I stopped to capture a pic with my phone; of the sun beaming off the fog in the back field. .  then . . I looked up, and flying over me. . TWO Blue Heron flew right across my path . . . then . . ‘SEVEN WHITE ONES’!!! (technically, the white ones are called Egrets) . .  followed by two more. .  making it 11.. the master number!! How incredible . . . . .

As I made my way to the car . .  there was one Heron sitting in the marsh . .  then I got the incling to walk along the boardwalk to see the where the white ones landed. . .  and . . I got closer to that one that I saw in the marsh . . as I was out there. . two more flew overhead, had a little rowe . . sqwalked,
circled and landed. . .

“DUH~ I think things are moving forward!”

SO that’s the scoop . . .

Follow me on my journey to the TeaRoom . . enjoy the Experience  . . you will fall in love!


5 thoughts on “Birth of a Tearoom

  1. STAY TUNED. . . just heard some confirmation that things are moving forward and the Architect has dropped the drawings off and they are now in the hands of the city. . as soon as they are approved we could be open by the end of Sept . . 😀

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