Imitations of Life


You can walk through nature at any given time and be fooled by life that imitates life. A plant that at first glance can look like a deer, or a branch of  a tree that may seem like a bird… camouflages, things that appear to be what they are not.

Twice this week, I have been accused of negative words, or thinking, when in fact it was not. This caused me to ponder over my own words to think about the messages I was putting out into my life.

Life is not always what it seems, and something that may appear to be one thing is in fact one thing that replicates of something else. Even words.  My words, were just that.

Both these times when words were spoken, I was not in a negative place, and my thoughts were neither negative nor extremely positive… they just were.

So like all quandaries I get myself into, I go to the one being that I have trusted all my  life. My Guardian… and it was there that it became apparent to me that like most things in life, nothing is one or the other. Nothing is just black or white, sometimes things are just what they are. Facts.

Many ponderings over this have revealed to me that even our words can be just that. So as listeners, we must learn to hear what the person is really saying and pay attention to how we are receiving the information we are hearing.

Perhaps we choose to hear the negative connotations of what is being said to us because we are in a place where that is the only energy we are relating to at the moment. Are we quick to judge another’s words and be the accusers because we cannot bear to admit this to ourselves? Is it easier to judge another of being in  a dark place because we cannot see we are there ourselves?

If we listen with intention, we can see that words, or our interpretations of them can imitate where we are in our own selves, on our path, and in our lives.  And if we are truly honest with ourselves, then, and only then can we truly change.

One thought on “Imitations of Life

  1. Well said my friend.. sometimes the less said the better. Less to ‘not’ hear and then misinterpret. No matter how hard we try we can’t please everyone, and some will always find fault in an innocent phrase or comment. However you serve the 99% of true people, not the 1% of trouble makers.

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