A letter to My daughter….

As I sit back in this moment in time, I remember… many years ago, the anticipating your arrival… now… 25 years later here you are awaiting in anticipation your first arrival… I look at you with such pride in my heart, and tears in my eyes. Tears of both happiness, and sadness. This is not of a sadness of pain, or heartache, but one of life’s changing and moving on…

There, within me, creeps up an emotion, and the elation of your little boy. My first grand child/grandson. And how much I love him unconditionally with my whole being. And as the time gets closer. My heart races a little bit faster. My ‘little big man’ … as I know that no love will ever replace the love of his mother. The happiness sparkles in your eyes, and your laughter rings in my ears. I know that my greatest wish has come true, and you have found happiness in your life which contained great sadness and grief in your young years.My heart bounces through the years of your little face, through the years, and I see how beautiful you are now. How beautiful your soul is and it radiates in your face, and within your whole being. If there was ever a time when you couldn’t be more beautiful, or mor gracious, I only need to look at your sweet face each passing day. And, as one more day brings you closer to meeting the little person within you who will soon become the great love of your life. ❤

I have never known the feeling of true love in my heart till I met you my darling little girl. You are the most precious thing in my life, as I know your little man will be the most precious in yours.

Love unfolds within the heart, and the life as you once knew it to be, changes and grows as love enters into your heart. A love you never anticipated, and suddenly the path you thought you were on, the direction you thought you were once headed in…. takes a turn and you find yourself on the most amazing journey that you have ever experienced in your life. A journey you never thought you’d ever have the joy of anticipating. Colours are brighter, smells are sweeter. And there is this new song in your heart. ❤

With every sweetness, must come the sour; good days and bad days. One day, you look back at these moments and know that every one of them is truly a blessing; one that you will never change. Although you may want it to now, but the sours soon will become the sweet, as they become the stories that you too will share with your children and grandchildren as they journey down this road too some day …. and your heart will swell with every passing moment of time.

To say that I love you more each day is an understatement. To say that I am more proud of you with each passing moment; I know this too will change, as I look at you this feeling grows more within my own self, each and everyday, as I look on, watching as you guide and protect your little brood; family.

Know that you are not alone on this journey. There is so much love within your new family; so much caring and giving. So much more than I could ever afford you in your childhood. You are blessed in this respect as well. As I learn each day, the respect that you have earned amongst the lives that you have touched in your 25 years, my pride wells up in my soul. For you are my hero; you are my blessing from God. For you do have a distinct purpose here on this earth, although you may not see it now, I do. This too will change as you hold the hand of your love and walk your path together. One day, you will see the sparkles you have left on the path behind you… and you will be somebody’s rainbow… but until then, revel in the life that lies before you. And when your little man looks up at you with the sparkle in his eyes, know that he knows no other love than you…. Children are always part of us, they grow under our hearts, and when they take hold of your hand, and look up at you for the first time, they steal that heart away from you forever. Grand-children have a special kind of love in a grandparents heart as they are part of the child who stole our heart; love does not split… it just grows and grows.

I love you my little princess…. as you grew into this young woman, and beautiful mother… you are still my little princess with the Pink in her room. and the innocence in her heart… Blessings of love I betow upon you forever ❤ ..
love you for ever… Mummie xoBlessings from the Light,

Angelyn Joy

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