Write a Blog?

Start a blog. . . hmm . . . a wee bit more difficult that it first appears!
I  guess the best place to start is with something that you are passionate about . . . I have joined a few blogs to help me get some idea of where to start. . . and where has that led me? More questions.. . . but what has been consistent is that all bloggers will tell you to write about something you are passionate about!

Passionate about? . . . that my friends is many things . . . well, I love to write. . . and I love so many things in my life! So, when I actually took the time to sit down and think about all of it, it all boils down to one thing . . I love to help people!!! I love to heal; physical healing, spiritual healing, emotional healing. Healing with words, healing with laughter; haling with LoVe . . . ALL healing should come from a place of love!

Whether I am doing psychic readings, healings, teaching… or just making people feel great about life; laughing about the obvious … its all about helping someone;healing – on some level. So, I hope this blog helps YOU!

Tying in what I love, with my love for writing should be easy, right. . write!?  .. lol .

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