MindFul Meditaion

What does MinDFul Meditation mean to you?? Is it an act of learning to de-stress yourself? Your Life? …. Does it mean learning to become a relaxed person ALL the time?
Not just after you’ve meditated.

When you start your day with some Peaceful Meditation you feel good; even fabulous! I know I certainly do… but what happens when something stressful happens throughout your day. Some unforeseen event. Or a confrontational person crosses your path. Usually, the ‘fight-or-flight’ response kicks in… right? And you go into automatic defense mode. Which is the natural human condition. What if I told you that you that even though you can’t change what happens in your day; you CAN change and be in control of how you respond… its true; you can!!!

The Art of living in Peace; with oneself is to learn how to become one with Body, Mind and Spirit. This, is to be in complete alignment with OneSelf.

Mindfulness and the alignment with self is to teach your Spirit to become the observer.  Silently contemplating; watching the mind; your mind, as it works. Your thoughts as they flow. Some flow effortlessly, others with deep anticipation; without attachment. And as you become more mindful, you develop a sense of objectivity about both your emotions as well as your thoughts.

Through repetition one can actually quiet the flow of ones thoughts; the conscious mind begins to relax, and stress is releases. Something that; with practice, can be done throughout the course of ones regular day.

Did you know:
“The actual Act of Meditation is; in of itself, more important that the length of time
spent meditation?” ¬†~ its true. You can achieve so much in five minutes as you can in an hour. Like sleep sometimes. A 5 min ‘cat-nap’ can be more effectual as a 2 hour nap.

Aside for Stress; Meditation can be used to enable one to keep in touch with your inner, most desires and needs. More over; meditiation is to communicate with oneself. More answers are retrieved when one goes into the ones center; a place of Peace, calm, & tranquility, even when you are stressed on the outside.

What will it take for you to learn this practice, and keep your life manageable?