MindFul Meditaion

What does MinDFul Meditation mean to you?? Is it an act of learning to de-stress yourself? Your Life? …. Does it mean learning to become a relaxed person ALL the time?
Not just after you’ve meditated.

When you start your day with some Peaceful Meditation you feel good; even fabulous! I know I certainly do… but what happens when something stressful happens throughout your day. Some unforeseen event. Or a confrontational person crosses your path. Usually, the ‘fight-or-flight’ response kicks in… right? And you go into automatic defense mode. Which is the natural human condition. What if I told you that you that even though you can’t change what happens in your day; you CAN change and be in control of how you respond… its true; you can!!!

The Art of living in Peace; with oneself is to learn how to become one with Body, Mind and Spirit. This, is to be in complete alignment with OneSelf.

Mindfulness and the alignment with self is to teach your Spirit to become the observer.  Silently contemplating; watching the mind; your mind, as it works. Your thoughts as they flow. Some flow effortlessly, others with deep anticipation; without attachment. And as you become more mindful, you develop a sense of objectivity about both your emotions as well as your thoughts.

Through repetition one can actually quiet the flow of ones thoughts; the conscious mind begins to relax, and stress is releases. Something that; with practice, can be done throughout the course of ones regular day.

Did you know:
“The actual Act of Meditation is; in of itself, more important that the length of time
spent meditation?”  ~ its true. You can achieve so much in five minutes as you can in an hour. Like sleep sometimes. A 5 min ‘cat-nap’ can be more effectual as a 2 hour nap.

Aside for Stress; Meditation can be used to enable one to keep in touch with your inner, most desires and needs. More over; meditiation is to communicate with oneself. More answers are retrieved when one goes into the ones center; a place of Peace, calm, & tranquility, even when you are stressed on the outside.

What will it take for you to learn this practice, and keep your life manageable?


Gratitude; felt from the Heart

Gratitude within us

Very often in life do we ever realize what we have until it is gone.. People, places or even things. We have them, they are part of us, and they are gone. While many of us don’t realize this, but it can feel like a lifetime has passed and one thing in our life will trigger the response. Will this do it; likely not. But if we are conscientious about it, we will.

Much like the traits we inherit from our heritage; the inconspicuous nose on our face, wide set eyes, hair that is too thick, or too curly… but what about the wonderful traits we possess, not just the deep blue eyes, or the beautifully hair, I’m talking about the kindness inherent within us; the integrity. Are these possessions that are passed down too?

I have always found myself to be a giver, something that comes naturally to me, sometimes to a fault. This is something that both my parents portrayed without even thinking about it. I saw the smile on my mother’s face when she would give a batch of homemade cookies to the neighbouring children, as if it were something she did for herself, not for them. Perhaps this was one of the small joys she got from her life.

I have been learning what it feels like to be the receiver of these small unbelievable acts of kindness. I was given the gift of a plant. A weed actually, yes, a weed, but not just any weed. It was a weed that has meaning to me.

I had never heard of “Herb Robert” . As the giver of this gift spoke, she talked about how this plant is indigenous to the area and how she learned that it can be used as a poultice  for bruising. Upon gifting me with two wee pots of this herb, she also handed me a  description of this plant, so I could read about all the uses of this herb and how it grows.

I was grateful at her token.

It wasn’t until I read the first line of the copy that I truly understood how grateful I really was.  She had handed me a ‘magical herb’… The first line I read was “Common name: Dragons Blood,…”  Wow, did she truly understand the power of what she had given me? OR how much I would really appreciate this gift. Perhaps she did? And it was at that moment that my heart skipped a beat, and elation filled my body.

The question remains; did “I” truly understand my Gratitude for this gesture? Probably not at that very moment; I most certainly do now. This is a plant that I didn’t know existed in this area. I have seen the written words in my magic books, to be honest, I didn’t really know it was a plant. Now, I had this in my hands. And I will treasure it for always…

It feels so good to be on the receiving end; I wonder if my mother ever had the chance in her wondrous life to be there, to feel the way I feel at this very moment. I certainly hope she did!


Write a Blog?

Start a blog. . . hmm . . . a wee bit more difficult that it first appears!
I  guess the best place to start is with something that you are passionate about . . . I have joined a few blogs to help me get some idea of where to start. . . and where has that led me? More questions.. . . but what has been consistent is that all bloggers will tell you to write about something you are passionate about!

Passionate about? . . . that my friends is many things . . . well, I love to write. . . and I love so many things in my life! So, when I actually took the time to sit down and think about all of it, it all boils down to one thing . . I love to help people!!! I love to heal; physical healing, spiritual healing, emotional healing. Healing with words, healing with laughter; haling with LoVe . . . ALL healing should come from a place of love!

Whether I am doing psychic readings, healings, teaching… or just making people feel great about life; laughing about the obvious … its all about helping someone;healing – on some level. So, I hope this blog helps YOU!

Tying in what I love, with my love for writing should be easy, right. . write!?  .. lol .

Blessed 2017; New Year, New ME!

On this first day of a new year… 2017; a day filled with so much promise of a better year.  Out with the old and in with the new! I leave behind me an array of disappointments, disillusion, and broken promises, and lost friendships; I know in my heart it was all leading up to a better future.  Today, is the first day of that future.

I’m not one for making ‘resolutions’,  I believe that they are just the opening for a series of let downs. Or are they really? Isn’t it said that when a door closes another opens? I believe that when something  in your life doesn’t go as planned, it’s because the Universe has other things in mind for you.

“If things don’t work out it in the end; it’s not the end.”
We are faced with a new year; new beginnings, and new opportunities. I love it!!!

This is the year I promise myself that I will work harder, and more diligently. I promise myself that I will look toward the days to come for those opportunities. It will begin with the reawakening of my blog.  I have new visions for it. To use it not just to tell stories, but to teach and to inspire others.

I promise this to myself; the beginning of MY bucket list. Not a list of things to do in my lifetime; a list of things to do in 2017. This will be my bucket list. I will not stress over this, for what doesn’t get done, will spill over to the next .. the next week; next month and next year!

You can do this too… why not try.. Life is meant to be lived; be exciting, and the only way to do that is to inspire yourself at the end of each day. .

I feel that if I have, at least, aspired to myself, then I am a success. If not, I have tomorrow to try it all over again.

It  is so important to journal, I think this year I would like to try my attempt to start a ‘bullet journal’ it looks like so much fun and a great way to open to your creative side. We all have one, we just have to transpire to it. But if this is not for you,  then just begin a regular journal. Something to get your thoughts and ideas down on paper. For THAT is where it all begins!

My biggest lesson this year is not working on my journal in 2016. If you don’t write it down, how can you make it happen?  So this year, I am going to at least make an effort to try something. After all, when you write things down they manifest so much more quickly.

Start with a simple thought each day; something you are grateful for. Each morning start by asking for the day to be for your greatest and highest good; end your day with a prayer, or affirmation of Gratitude.  “I am grateful for….”

If your still not keen on the journal idea; get a jar. Simply label the jar “2017“;  At the end of each day write one thing you are grateful for; one positive thing that happened in your day, and put the slip of paper in the jar.  Then 364 days from today; new years eve, Read them. Read your journal; and see how wonderful your year really was!!

Today I start my journal with the fact that “I am Grateful for the freshness of this day to create a wonderful year ahead. To see all the good that lay before me. To LIVE life!!” ~ Okay, maybe that’s three things; or maybe not…..  What will you do to make this year the best year ever?

If you are new and the concept of Bullet Journaling, here is a list of ‘some’ ideas for your pages, I don’t plan on using them all, but Ill have FUN trying:

  1. A yearly calendar
    2. Birthday List
    3. Yearly Resolutions/Goals
    4. Reading Goals
    5. Reading Statistics (author gender, nationality, genre etc)
    6. A to-be-read list (TBR)
    7. Monthly Favourites
    8. Memories of the month
    9. Savings Tracker
    10. Fitness Tracker
    11. Wish list
    12. Weekly Spreads
    13. Monthly Spreads
    14. Daily Task Lists
    15. Brain Dump
    16. Revision Schedule
    17. Important Dates
    18. Travel Bucket List
    19. Travel Itinerary
    20. Favourite Quotes
    21. Headers and Banners (practice!)
    22. Recipes
    23. Book Reviews
    24. Blog Post Ideas
    25. Blog Stats Tracker
    26. Shopping Lists
    27. Meal Planner
    28. Monthly Finance Tracker
    29. Project Ideas
    30. Films to watch
    31. Spending Log
    32. To Buy: Items to purchase for a project
    33. Interior Ideas – I have one that has ideas for a gallery wall in our bedroom
    34. Boredom Buster List
    35. Mummy Me Time List
    36. Routines
    37. Major Life Events for the year
    38. Monthly Bucket List
    39. Netflix shows to watch/favourites
    40. An about you page – interests, hobbies, loves.
    41. Twitter Chat Schedule
    42. Gift Ideas
    43. 5 Year Plan
    44. Favourite YouTubers
    45. Favourite Books
    46. Waiting on List
    47. Book Club Picks
    48. Baby/Toddler Development Milestones
    49. Deadline List
    50. Advice (to others, or yourself)

Have FuN!  Have a WONDERFUL and ProSperOUs New Year… and I hope to see you in my travels … join me on this Journey… for you don’t know where you’ll end up if you don’t try . . . BleSSed BE!




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A letter to My daughter….

As I sit back in this moment in time, I remember… many years ago, the anticipating your arrival… now… 25 years later here you are awaiting in anticipation your first arrival… I look at you with such pride in my heart, and tears in my eyes. Tears of both happiness, and sadness. This is not of a sadness of pain, or heartache, but one of life’s changing and moving on…

There, within me, creeps up an emotion, and the elation of your little boy. My first grand child/grandson. And how much I love him unconditionally with my whole being. And as the time gets closer. My heart races a little bit faster. My ‘little big man’ … as I know that no love will ever replace the love of his mother. The happiness sparkles in your eyes, and your laughter rings in my ears. I know that my greatest wish has come true, and you have found happiness in your life which contained great sadness and grief in your young years.My heart bounces through the years of your little face, through the years, and I see how beautiful you are now. How beautiful your soul is and it radiates in your face, and within your whole being. If there was ever a time when you couldn’t be more beautiful, or mor gracious, I only need to look at your sweet face each passing day. And, as one more day brings you closer to meeting the little person within you who will soon become the great love of your life. ❤

I have never known the feeling of true love in my heart till I met you my darling little girl. You are the most precious thing in my life, as I know your little man will be the most precious in yours.

Love unfolds within the heart, and the life as you once knew it to be, changes and grows as love enters into your heart. A love you never anticipated, and suddenly the path you thought you were on, the direction you thought you were once headed in…. takes a turn and you find yourself on the most amazing journey that you have ever experienced in your life. A journey you never thought you’d ever have the joy of anticipating. Colours are brighter, smells are sweeter. And there is this new song in your heart. ❤

With every sweetness, must come the sour; good days and bad days. One day, you look back at these moments and know that every one of them is truly a blessing; one that you will never change. Although you may want it to now, but the sours soon will become the sweet, as they become the stories that you too will share with your children and grandchildren as they journey down this road too some day …. and your heart will swell with every passing moment of time.

To say that I love you more each day is an understatement. To say that I am more proud of you with each passing moment; I know this too will change, as I look at you this feeling grows more within my own self, each and everyday, as I look on, watching as you guide and protect your little brood; family.

Know that you are not alone on this journey. There is so much love within your new family; so much caring and giving. So much more than I could ever afford you in your childhood. You are blessed in this respect as well. As I learn each day, the respect that you have earned amongst the lives that you have touched in your 25 years, my pride wells up in my soul. For you are my hero; you are my blessing from God. For you do have a distinct purpose here on this earth, although you may not see it now, I do. This too will change as you hold the hand of your love and walk your path together. One day, you will see the sparkles you have left on the path behind you… and you will be somebody’s rainbow… but until then, revel in the life that lies before you. And when your little man looks up at you with the sparkle in his eyes, know that he knows no other love than you…. Children are always part of us, they grow under our hearts, and when they take hold of your hand, and look up at you for the first time, they steal that heart away from you forever. Grand-children have a special kind of love in a grandparents heart as they are part of the child who stole our heart; love does not split… it just grows and grows.

I love you my little princess…. as you grew into this young woman, and beautiful mother… you are still my little princess with the Pink in her room. and the innocence in her heart… Blessings of love I betow upon you forever ❤ ..
love you for ever… Mummie xoBlessings from the Light,

Angelyn Joy

Morning Dance with the Fae


This morning as I sit in my garden, silently in the dark upon my white bench, facing the remnants of last years gardenfae-in-the-woods2, The rain pouring down upon my shoulders, cleansing the earth, the plants, and me. I lift my face to the sky allowing the rain to wash and cleanse my soul. After awhile, the sun peaks above the crest of the earth, her light beginning to shine on the day. Also cleansing, the soul of the earth. I hear above in the trees a rustling as the squirrels scuttle about, Alas, the chirp of the first bird of spring. I smile.

Silently, I call to the fae and hear the tiny tinkling of bells in the far corner. Giggling in a game of hide and seek. I see them dance around the garden in the rain. Singing their songs of spring. I close my eyes, and I am transformed. Two inches high, and dancing around the roses, holding hands as beams of light extend from my heart, the hearts of all the fae in this ritual song, sending love to the plants awakening them from the deep slumber of winters hibernation. One by one, to each of the plants in my garden, the rosemary, with her fragrant scent, onto the lovely lavender, her aroma fills the damp air. Our dance continues through the thyme and all the delicate herbs. We sing and dance and praise the Goddess for her goodness, her love and all her magick.

Whispers in the wind, and someone calls my name, I am transformed once again to the bench, I open my eyes. The rain pouring down harder now, and I realize that I am soaked to the skin. I laugh out loud, and retreat to the warmth of my home, and get into some dry clothes… Silently, I stand at the window. Hot cocoa in my hand, “Have a beautiful day, my little fae. Be safe, be warm, and may your magick always be apart of my life”, “ I will always cherish, and honour your presence in my life, and thank you for bringing the beautiful colours and fragrances in my life” Blessed Be!

I turn, and the day begins.