Gratitude; felt from the Heart

Gratitude within us

Very often in life do we ever realize what we have until it is gone.. People, places or even things. We have them, they are part of us, and they are gone. While many of us don’t realize this, but it can feel like a lifetime has passed and one thing in our life will trigger the response. Will this do it; likely not. But if we are conscientious about it, we will.

Much like the traits we inherit from our heritage; the inconspicuous nose on our face, wide set eyes, hair that is too thick, or too curly… but what about the wonderful traits we possess, not just the deep blue eyes, or the beautifully hair, I’m talking about the kindness inherent within us; the integrity. Are these possessions that are passed down too?

I have always found myself to be a giver, something that comes naturally to me, sometimes to a fault. This is something that both my parents portrayed without even thinking about it. I saw the smile on my mother’s face when she would give a batch of homemade cookies to the neighbouring children, as if it were something she did for herself, not for them. Perhaps this was one of the small joys she got from her life.

I have been learning what it feels like to be the receiver of these small unbelievable acts of kindness. I was given the gift of a plant. A weed actually, yes, a weed, but not just any weed. It was a weed that has meaning to me.

I had never heard of “Herb Robert” . As the giver of this gift spoke, she talked about how this plant is indigenous to the area and how she learned that it can be used as a poultice  for bruising. Upon gifting me with two wee pots of this herb, she also handed me a  description of this plant, so I could read about all the uses of this herb and how it grows.

I was grateful at her token.

It wasn’t until I read the first line of the copy that I truly understood how grateful I really was.  She had handed me a ‘magical herb’… The first line I read was “Common name: Dragons Blood,…”  Wow, did she truly understand the power of what she had given me? OR how much I would really appreciate this gift. Perhaps she did? And it was at that moment that my heart skipped a beat, and elation filled my body.

The question remains; did “I” truly understand my Gratitude for this gesture? Probably not at that very moment; I most certainly do now. This is a plant that I didn’t know existed in this area. I have seen the written words in my magic books, to be honest, I didn’t really know it was a plant. Now, I had this in my hands. And I will treasure it for always…

It feels so good to be on the receiving end; I wonder if my mother ever had the chance in her wondrous life to be there, to feel the way I feel at this very moment. I certainly hope she did!



Samhain Nights

The wheel of the year has once again turned and gone full circle.  A time for endings and new beginnings.  Time to reflect on the days gone by with hope of the days ahead. As I reflect upon the year behind me; love ones lost. The job I lost in January when the family I took as my own said, “No worries . . We shall always remain close.” Now upon this reflection, they have each moved on with their lives. All of them happy, all of them achieving new goals along their own paths. I remember the laughter; the learning; the sorrow and even the anger of our last days.  Even now, I feel their love within my heart. Even now that we have each gone our separate ways. I am grateful for the time I had with them. They were beacons of light upon my own path.

While life can seem ever so complicated one day, with questions appearing ever so quickly. There are days when all the answers are ever so apparent.  Life is like that you see, some days knowing all there is. Some days knowing that which I don’t really know. It raised the question each morning; what will this day bring.

Samhain (Halloween, as most know it to be) is a joyous time for me.  The days when my world lifts the veil of past and present; for all to see. For many it’s a time of ghost tales and bewitching haunts. The children dress in costumes in a parade along the streets begging for candies and treats. For me, it is like the leaf that falls from the tree.  Life still exists for the tree, but it sheds its protective shield against the warmer temperatures of summer. So now comes the time when we shed our leaves and prepare for winter.

The days are shorter, the nights longer, Samhain is the time for change. The time to look to the future.  Samhain is a mystical and enchanted night, when magick can be done to benefit out personal lives as well as our planet. And so on this night, magick is afoot; dreams and wishes abound. I reflect upon that which has passed with the pending excitement of that which is to come this year ahead. Feel the magick in the air, or is it really coming from my heart.  Know that which has been is no more; that which is to come will be magickal as the rising sun …