Blessed 2017; New Year, New ME!

On this first day of a new year… 2017; a day filled with so much promise of a better year.  Out with the old and in with the new! I leave behind me an array of disappointments, disillusion, and broken promises, and lost friendships; I know in my heart it was all leading up to a better future.  Today, is the first day of that future.

I’m not one for making ‘resolutions’,  I believe that they are just the opening for a series of let downs. Or are they really? Isn’t it said that when a door closes another opens? I believe that when something  in your life doesn’t go as planned, it’s because the Universe has other things in mind for you.

“If things don’t work out it in the end; it’s not the end.”
We are faced with a new year; new beginnings, and new opportunities. I love it!!!

This is the year I promise myself that I will work harder, and more diligently. I promise myself that I will look toward the days to come for those opportunities. It will begin with the reawakening of my blog.  I have new visions for it. To use it not just to tell stories, but to teach and to inspire others.

I promise this to myself; the beginning of MY bucket list. Not a list of things to do in my lifetime; a list of things to do in 2017. This will be my bucket list. I will not stress over this, for what doesn’t get done, will spill over to the next .. the next week; next month and next year!

You can do this too… why not try.. Life is meant to be lived; be exciting, and the only way to do that is to inspire yourself at the end of each day. .

I feel that if I have, at least, aspired to myself, then I am a success. If not, I have tomorrow to try it all over again.

It  is so important to journal, I think this year I would like to try my attempt to start a ‘bullet journal’ it looks like so much fun and a great way to open to your creative side. We all have one, we just have to transpire to it. But if this is not for you,  then just begin a regular journal. Something to get your thoughts and ideas down on paper. For THAT is where it all begins!

My biggest lesson this year is not working on my journal in 2016. If you don’t write it down, how can you make it happen?  So this year, I am going to at least make an effort to try something. After all, when you write things down they manifest so much more quickly.

Start with a simple thought each day; something you are grateful for. Each morning start by asking for the day to be for your greatest and highest good; end your day with a prayer, or affirmation of Gratitude.  “I am grateful for….”

If your still not keen on the journal idea; get a jar. Simply label the jar “2017“;  At the end of each day write one thing you are grateful for; one positive thing that happened in your day, and put the slip of paper in the jar.  Then 364 days from today; new years eve, Read them. Read your journal; and see how wonderful your year really was!!

Today I start my journal with the fact that “I am Grateful for the freshness of this day to create a wonderful year ahead. To see all the good that lay before me. To LIVE life!!” ~ Okay, maybe that’s three things; or maybe not…..  What will you do to make this year the best year ever?

If you are new and the concept of Bullet Journaling, here is a list of ‘some’ ideas for your pages, I don’t plan on using them all, but Ill have FUN trying:

  1. A yearly calendar
    2. Birthday List
    3. Yearly Resolutions/Goals
    4. Reading Goals
    5. Reading Statistics (author gender, nationality, genre etc)
    6. A to-be-read list (TBR)
    7. Monthly Favourites
    8. Memories of the month
    9. Savings Tracker
    10. Fitness Tracker
    11. Wish list
    12. Weekly Spreads
    13. Monthly Spreads
    14. Daily Task Lists
    15. Brain Dump
    16. Revision Schedule
    17. Important Dates
    18. Travel Bucket List
    19. Travel Itinerary
    20. Favourite Quotes
    21. Headers and Banners (practice!)
    22. Recipes
    23. Book Reviews
    24. Blog Post Ideas
    25. Blog Stats Tracker
    26. Shopping Lists
    27. Meal Planner
    28. Monthly Finance Tracker
    29. Project Ideas
    30. Films to watch
    31. Spending Log
    32. To Buy: Items to purchase for a project
    33. Interior Ideas – I have one that has ideas for a gallery wall in our bedroom
    34. Boredom Buster List
    35. Mummy Me Time List
    36. Routines
    37. Major Life Events for the year
    38. Monthly Bucket List
    39. Netflix shows to watch/favourites
    40. An about you page – interests, hobbies, loves.
    41. Twitter Chat Schedule
    42. Gift Ideas
    43. 5 Year Plan
    44. Favourite YouTubers
    45. Favourite Books
    46. Waiting on List
    47. Book Club Picks
    48. Baby/Toddler Development Milestones
    49. Deadline List
    50. Advice (to others, or yourself)

Have FuN!  Have a WONDERFUL and ProSperOUs New Year… and I hope to see you in my travels … join me on this Journey… for you don’t know where you’ll end up if you don’t try . . . BleSSed BE!