Welcome Friends, I would like to share with you a little about myself; I am an International Angelologist; Reiki Master & Spiritual Consultant., and have been working with the Celestial realm for over 30 years. As a gifted psychic I travel all over North America connecting people with their Guardian Angel & Guides that may be around you through her gifts of sight; sound & vision as well as the use of Tarot Cards. I have appeared on several radio and tv shows; fundraisers for organizations such as ‘Heart & Stroke’ and ‘Children’s Wish’ foundations. I have written articles for magazines such as “Beauty & Spa” and “Wellness” and I have appeared in several newspapers across Canada. Her first book “Messages of Light” is now available at This is a collection of messages from the Angels & visits with the faeries

Peace in my Heart

The song of the Robin begins before the sun begins to crest upon the earth, and this morning I awaken with a newness that my heart has not felt in sometime. Eagerly, I prepare for my morning walk.

There is a new vibrancy about this morning, not just within me, but within the land herself. Goddess Mother is singing her praises this morning. The smells are wondrous about me and the variety of birds chorally sing their praises at her work. I smile. This indeed is a beautiful day…

I feel free.. There is nothing but me.. And the beauty of nature that surrounds me. Love surrounds me.. I am Love… and I am all there is.  I release all my fears to you, the great Mother/Father God, and I ask to become pure and whole.  Bring to me the Peace that I seek. Fill my heart with love.

I release all that does not serve purpose in my heart. I release all that does not serve purpose in my life … And I return to the wholeness of all that is.. And all that shall be,
And it is for these blessings that I am truly grateful for.

Blessings to all…