Under the TeaCup

~ “Angel’s Dream tea” 
A heavenly blend of maple, blackberry, green, and black tea. After your very first sip, you will understand how it truly lives up to its name!

50g: $8.99 – 100g: 15.99


After years of studying “the Art of Teas”, Angelyn has created her own line of
“Signature Teas” ~ with unique flavours and aromas… these wellness teas are Organic, fresh and full of life.  Fill your cup with Love~

List of Teas:

~ “Christmas Sparkle“:  A robust full bodied red tea, filled with hints of orange, ginger, apple &  cinnamon

50g: $9.99 – 100g: 17.99

~ “Citrus Scent-Sation“: Red tea with Orange & sweetness of Pear.

                                                   50g: $7.99 – 100g: 15.99

~ “AngelWings“: Hi~antioxidant white tea, with the richness of Vitamin C of Hibiscus, and the sweetness of Mallow.

50g: $8.99 – 100g: 15.99

~ “Wint-O-Mint“: Simple white tea, rich in anti-oxidants and laced with a hint of spearmint.

50g: $9.99 – 100g: 15.99

~ “Supreme Green“: A tea that is rich in the freshness and flavours of
a high anti-oxidant Japanese Green

50g: $11.99 – 100g: 21.99

~ “Paris Green: Hi~antioxidant rich green tea, with the calming relaxation of lavender buds.

50g: $11.99 – 100g: 21.99

~ Holiday Winter Spice: A blustery blend of Cinnamon, hints of Sweet Citrus, blended in a Blackberry tea, with the Spiciness of  Clove

50g: $7.99 – 100g: 11.99


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