Learn REIKI from a MASTER/Teacher
In the TRADITIONAL Usui Method
the way reiki is suppose to be taught, and learned!!!
Angelyn has been studying & teaching Reiki for
over 20 years… what makes her special… when you learn REIKI with Angelyn, you get a
lifetime commitment to your studies & work as a Reiki Practitioner . . .

WHAT IS REIKI? ~ the reiki technique is based on the principle of the universal life force energy. Which is administered by a light laying of the hands on the body allowing the life force energy to flow freely. It is believed that when a persons energy is low, then you are more likely to be ill or stressed, and when it is high, then you are more likely to be well and feel happy. Reiki treatments produce feelings of peace, security and wellness.

LEVEL ONE:  this in an intense; information pact, 2 day workshop where you will learn about the basics of reiki; how and why it works. You will learn the basic practice of treatments. As well as learning about the Chakras, Energy systems, and why/how it is important to the Reiki Systems. You will also receive your attunement to the Reiki flow of energy. You will also learn how to ‘self-heal’; use reiki on animals and other uses for Reiki.

*Bonus: how to start your Reiki Practice ~ Learn all you need to know about starting your reiki business: whether you work from home, or in a store front. You will learn how to charge money; complete with all the client forms used in conducting a professional Reiki Practice.
Cost: $225

LEVEL TWO: in this 2 day; intense workshop you will learn, and be attuned to the energy of the 3Basis symbols used in your Reiki practice. You will learn how, and when to use the Reiki Level II Symbols. Three ways to conduct distant or absentee healing. Use Reiki to cross the boarders of time and space. And receive your attunement to the Reiki Symbols
Cost: $225

REIKI MASTER/TEACHER CLASS: this is an intense 2 day workshop  for level 2 students who are interested in furthering their path with Reiki, and want to share the experience with others. In this class, you will learn all you need to know about the importance about becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher. What does being a Master/Teacher truly mean.. and what can you do with this direction of your path. After receiving your Master attunement, you will learn all that is needed to become a mentor to others. You will learn how to give attunements; and you will receive the ‘Master Symbols’ in your own attunements. You will learn about ‘fire-dragon’ breathing, and breathing the ‘white-mist’ … 

Ask about our payment options for all serious Reiki Students. Don’t let your path be hindered by cost;
we are here to help you move forward on your Journey to Peace & Joy!!!



or to book your own; contact Angelyn

Tea Leaf Reading; basics ~ Tasseography (tea leaf reading) is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves.  In this workshop… you will learn where this art form originates, an d more importantly… you will learn how to read what is in your cup, you will learn basic symbolism, and how to intuitively read what you see…

Refreshments will be served!  FUN’ will be had… come on out and ENJOY yourself… and lets see “what’s in your cup?
Email to RSVP:

COST: $60     NEW PRICE: $40
Includes Refreshments and a tea-leaf reading by Angelyn Joy ஜ

Introduction to Angels
In this lecture, you will learn all the basics about Angel’s, everything you need to learn about connecting with your Angel, in a Simple, less confusing manner. This class is an Intro to Angelyn’s more intense workshop of working with Angels. ~ In this lecture you will learn:

  • the difference between Angels and Spirits
  • how to listen for Angelic communication
  • how to talk to Angels
  • What is the BEST; most effective way to communicate with your angel
  • AND. . you will learn the name of personal Angelic Guide
  •  PLUS. . learn to make your very own “Angel Connection” that will give you a ‘deeper’ connection with your personal, celestial guide

    This workshop is based on Angelyn’s world renowned book
    “Connecting with your Angel”

WHERE:  tba

COST: $75 (incl. Beverage & snack)
 {TIMES AND DATES TBA} Candle Majick
Learn the history of Candles; art of reading candles; correspondences
and how to enhance the “law if attraction” through the use of Candles.

COST: $60      NEW PRICE $45
price includes materials

WHERE:  tba


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