Monthly ‘SPECIALS’

🔮 March🔮


in the Reading Room …

* Angel Drawing *

Angelyn will connect with your Guardian Angel, or the Angel
that is working closely with you.
She will channel the Angel she sees into a beautiful work
of ArT ~ with a special channeled message just for you written
on the back!!! 

Special Price $85 .. reg. $125

in-person; online;  phone
Contact Angelyn while Space is Still Available.
(BOOKING A PARTY; add $5 per person)


Angelyn has just launched her


“Connecting with your Angels ~
A Guide to your Guardian”

 Available by Contacting Angelyn at:

for your Autographed copy!


Angels are everywhere‭…‬.‭ ‬Can you feel them‭? … ‬ Are you talking to your Angels‭? ‬Who are they‭? ‬And WHO is your personal Angel‭? ‬Did you know that your soul belongs to‭ ‬ONE Angel who travels with you through each life you decide to come into‭? In this book,‭ ‬you will become familiar with the Celestial realm of Angels.‭ ‬You will learn how to heal,‭ ‬how to incorporate them into your life,‭ ‬and you will learn how to communicate with these Celestial Beings of Love and Light.‭ ‬That includes listening to them,‭ ‬and asking for‭ ‬what you want and‭ ‬what you‭ ‬need.‭ ‬And getting it‭!! ‬Angelyn is a world renowned Angelologist,‭ ‬Reiki Master,‭ ‬Aromatherapist,‭ ‬Crystalologist‭ ‬and‭ ‬Psychic who teaches and heals about the power of Angels. She has appeared on several televisions and radio programs sharing the world of Angels




Angelyn has a FEW selected dates are available for
November & December PARTIES and READINGS;
contact her directly at

Follow the “BOOK A PARTY” link/tab for more information
Contact Angelyn for Private OR Corporate Parties today!!

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Visa; MasterCard; CASH or E-Transfer

For further information about any, or all of these therapies
please contact Angelyn at:

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